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Bong Highs - Not Lasting Long?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MrGoatington, Jun 21, 2013.

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    So I used to only smoke out of bongs just because bongs are awesome, snaps usually, to conserve the goods. I noticed though, which is why I've stopped strictly using a bong, that the high from a bong is pretty damn short compared to smoking from a one hitter/pipe. 
    As a bong man, this is disappointing, but has anybody else noticed this? The high is better from a bong, but it's short, and that is kind of irritating, especially to someone trying to conserve. I can feel the effects from the one hitter hours afterward (not that the high necessarily lasts for hours), but the bong effects are over pretty quickly. 

  2. I find everything in moderation and balance between all ingestion methods works best for me, I find even my volcano will make me feel this way if I overkill it
  3. I like this approach, but I end up just using my bong and vape and alternating.
    I think thats the best way for home-use.... The bong will make u melt into the couch, smoke all your stash, and get you high as hell but only lasts a hour or two, while the vape gives a more mellow high, conserves weed, and the high tends to last for hours. So basically the bong is the complete opposite of a vape.
    I usually smoke a bowl or two then start a vape sesh in a half hour
  4. Bong and vape at the same time, that's what I do. True space high
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    Nah man my Sov stemline gets me higher than any piece/method i've ever used. Now dabs are a whole different world my friend.
  6. Switch up the way you smoke. Invest in a bubbler. Best way to toke right there!
  7. I've been actually wanting a bubbler as my next piece, that and the mflb. Know any especially good bubbler sites?

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