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bong helpp

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Eyes Stay Red, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. first off, those ice pinches are stupid. Second, it says the joint is 18mm. That is where you put in your downstem. the 14.5 is for the joint of your downstem where you put the bowl.
  2. The description for the bong, from the link you provided says:
    "Using 5mm thick glass, this Black Leaf Glass straight Bong ELITE, features clear glass sections and a clear glass tree, 6 arm percolator to smooth out that hit. It also features a splash guard to avoid swallowing that dirty bongwater.

    It has an 18.8 joint, ice notches and comes equipped with a diffuser downtube and a matching bowl.

    Quality glass at a great price.

    3 Part System No Carb Hole"

    ^underlined, the description says it's an 18.8, joint there for you would need an
    18mm joint

    They do actually work pretty well. Just never find them being used lol ... so I guess you're right when you say they are stupid :p :smoking:
  3. I dont get it, the pinches look shaped ok. You could fit a cube maby even two.

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