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  1. so i know these threads are a dime a dozen and they always end with this "go to your local head shop." i live in MA and around my way it's pretty hard to find a decent headshop. (strict laws and cops are trying to make it so you can't get blunt wraps) so that basically leaves me with EDIT. i got it down to a few options and was wondering what you guys thought

    it pretty much comes down to a 5mm 45cm ehle bubble bottom ice catcher
    a 3.5mm 45cm roor extended little sister ice catcher
    or a 7mm 45cm ws messias 2 percs ice catcher

    i know weed star sucks but with it being 7mm that has to make some difference right?
    with the roor i'm pretty much spending damn near 300 for a name
    i really really like the ehle but is it worth getting the ehle with no percs that's thinner????

    idk everyone. help would be greatly appreciated at this point in the game. any suggestions will be taking into consideration so if you have a better recommendation than the ones i have above please tell me. i also wanted to get an illedelph. not really that much more money (under 300)

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