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  1. I have 300 dollars to get a nice bong and ashcatcher. I have my choices down to 4. But, I can't decide. Can GC help me choose my next piece?[​IMG][​IMG]The one on the left in this picture.[​IMG]Or something like the Roor Big Sister.Help me out with my choices. I am all ears and open for GC's suggestions.
  2. check out some illadelphs..those are dope and cheap, roors are awesome, they clear like magic, you should be able to pick up a nice roor for 300 hundred like the roor mini for $225...if this is your first bong i dunno about owning a tall one until your lungs can handle the hits, if so. power to you. gl with your choice
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    I don't know what I want. I'm going to have to order it offline or drive 2+hours to a headshop that sells Roor's or Illy's. I was thinking about getting that new Sci-x U perc'd bong. It seem's tight as fuck. I want a roor but I know at a college party it will be broken by some drunk kid. Its not my first bong either. I just want to upgrade from a crappy bong I picked up for 110.Here's a pic of the Sci-x I would get if I had an extra 100 bills[​IMG]
  4. My friend has a 2 perc pure I just hit it yesterday actually. Nice tube. As thick as my toro. So pure has a thumbsup from me.
  5. Dude im telling you, you dont want to order something online, You will be much happier if you take a drive to the closest shop that sells roors/toro's and pick yourself out a nice one.
    For one you will be much happier to feel the bong in your hands and for the other reason,
    You will be much happier with a quality roor/toro than you would be with the pure or some other less quality brand.

    It seems like money isnt a restraint for you so i would get a nice quality bong.
    Ether way as long as you happy with your new bong then it doesnt matter what what other people think
  6. You said Ether. Great track by Nas. But ya money isnt really a big deal as long as I maintain a 3.5 my junior year I'm set on pieces for a while. So you guys are recommending Roor's and Toro's? Should I get a Roor little sister and a nice diffy and a bong bag? Or should I just drop all 300 and whatever my paychecks are for the next 2-3 weeks. I'll probably pick up a new bong on St. Patty's day.

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