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    So I bought a bong (from Grasscity actually) and haven't yet used it (this bong actually arrived broken, Grasscity have told me they're going to send a replacement)- anyway, what else do I need to take a bong hit? 

    This is the bong

    Is the downstem also the bowl or do I have to buy a separate bowl? If so what size etc?
    ​-If the downstem is also the bowl how would you light the goods inside the bowl?


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    Looks like it has everything. Only thing you need is weed and a lighter

    The down stem and bowl are one piece. You just pack the bowl, cover the carb with your finger, light , milk it, release te carb and enjoy :)

    Happy toking!

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  3. That's great! Thanks a lot man
  4. Any idea what screen should I get for the bowl? It looks quite deep; as if a lighter would struggle to light anything at the bottom of the bowl? I mean, I have no idea if that's right or not- any idea?

    Thanks man
  5. The flame will reach :bongin:
    You can get glass screens or metal screens (burn off coating on metal ones first), if you want. It is not needed.
  6. Your inhalation will pull the flame down into the bowl. It'll reach

    Happy toking!

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  7. Fuck that you can get 100 for 10 bucks on ebay. Just search "100 glass daisy screens". Or you can get 200 for 14.95

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    oh shit! cheers man- If they're glass would I need to be buying a lot? 
    any idea on what size?

    Also I'm in the UK and not feeling paying a crazy postage charge 
  9. You can clean them but they are sort of a pain to clean, also they are easy to lose so buying 100 might not be a terrible idea, besides they are cheap.
  10. Yeah you can clean them just put it in a water bottle with alcohol and salt. Shake them around and let it soak up the alcohol. Take out the screen and take off rez with sharp object

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