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  1. Who has experience in group smoke out sessions? I'm looking for some lessons in bong ettique... I'm no noob smoker I just chief by myself, I go to my buddies and puff every now and again and he has nice pieces, so how do i know how to to leave if i hit it after him cuz i dont wanna leave him all burnt stuff... and on my own piece i have a couple catchers so i pull it through.. his he doesnt cuz he doesnt like cleaning it so he avoids it... maybe some group smoker with experience could fill us in cuz i know im not the only solo smoker.. lol

    PS this is spose to be fun so all input is good
  2. Ask. They won't think less of you.
    Hey man do I burn this whole thing or are we passing it?
  3. Does he have a screen in his pieces?

    If not just hit it until it's pooched and blow out the bowl.

    The people I smoke with pack one-hitters. Pull it through, pack it and pass it.
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    Yeah same here. But you also don't want to be first up and try to hit something meant for multiple people. I speak from experience.
  5. Or just let a friend go first and see what they do.
  6. yeh just ask...also don't drool in that shit. and don't leave smoke in the chamber if you can't pull it all...I hate that shit..I'm always polite and suck it out on the next breath out blow it out for em..stale smoke in the chamber ruins a hit.
  7. i hate when people leave smoke in the ash catcher. pull the bowl first then the catcher.

    and cornering the bowl is always a good habit to have
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    no screen it was a pretty clean piece too like a flat bong ive never seen one before... and since i cant hit my baby anymore... ive been using my pipe so i thought he loaded something for me to finish but then i realized that i was in over my head lol... i left the smoke in there and shit and then i realized there was quite a bit more, so had i been better prepared i pry coulda made it stretch.. and he was like oh i dont pull it through cuz its just easier to clean that way i was like FAIL lol

    and this is some bomb smoke the original og and some sour diesel..
  9. Dont spill the bong or your a dickhead making my carpet smell like bong water for a week
  10. I hate the people who take a hoot then go into a coughing frenzy and " forget" that they have 2 feet of glass in they're damn hand. My bong has a crack in it from a friend a few years back

  11. My first piece broke this way D:, luckily we were both beginners and he bought me a new one same day.
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    Yea were not friends anymore. Lol he's an iron worker getn payed bank and still owes me rent from close to a year ago.(douchebag much) I'm lookin for a nice piece but Tennessee isn't the best for quality glass

  13. Have you tried ordering? I found some pretty sick pieces online.
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    I'm soo sketch about online

  15. order from a trusted website (grasscity for example)
  16. Ask him.
  17. what do you think about the black leaf elite 6 arm tree perk no carb hole?lol straight tube:confused: i really like it and me ordering it would take some serious courage .ha 4real

  18. If I had the money I would pick it up, the reviews say its really good. So why not right?
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