Bong downstem conversion

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  1. the easiest and cheapest way to do it is to use buy a diffused downstem and replace the old slide with it. I couldnt tell you where to find the grommit. I just reused the one that came with the bong. 14.5 was a perfect fit for mine. its about $20 for a diffy and they can be found at pretty much any headshop. I used one I had lying around.
    the chip was there before the downstem was swapped. still be carefull when pulling out the old downstem, they are usually on there pretty tight. wetting the bong from the inside may help.

    or you could google lotus glassworks and get one from him for about $30. its a cleaner look.
  2. All you need is a gong downstem and a slide, i converted grommet to gong for $25.



    It's a very noticeable change, and a good way to lengthen the life of a low end piece.
  3. Yes budman we do have google I just didn't want do drop cash at some of these places when it's tough to tell if I'd ever get what I paid for, thus why I was looking for recommendations.
  4. Thanks for the info and photos guys if I mcguiver something I'll post about it too.
  5. I bought a g on g slide but my downstem isnt. It's a 14mm slide. My question is what size downstem do I use to fit the 14mm slide? I tried to look it up and some sites say 14mm slide fits a 14mm downstem. Now I'm not a rocket scientist or anything but when 2 things r made the same size I don't see one fitting into the other. Please help. The vertical is an original jehrome baker and would love to get it fitted with the slide I bought. I know I have to get a new downstem but don't know what size. Its not a glass on glass downstem but I found ones that have rubber garmets that would replace my old broken stem. Another question if the downstem is a rubber garmet can I get a glass on glass downstem that will fit instead. The hole for downstem is 3/4". And suggestions or comments or help would greatly be appreciated. Thank you
  6. I recently picked one up from oregonglassblower . super helpful and even made me a custom glass on glass to rubber grommet showerhead.

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