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Bong downstem conversion

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by SirNugsALot, May 30, 2009.

  1. I have an inexpensive pyrex bong that I really like, except that it has a cheap downstem. This was/is my only glass piece and I would really like to convert it to a glass on glass bowl and downstem with a diffuser and an ash catcher. Most of the parts I've seen are specific to brands of bongs. Where can I find the parts I need to do this conversion? The headshop I bought the bong at would help me out but it would cost way to much like 100+ and for that I might as well buy a new bong. Any suggestions on reliable websites that sell that stuff? I dont think that gc does but I could be wrong so it should be ok to post right?
  2. all you need is a downstem, glass on glass, and a new slider. they are trying waay too hard to rip you off man. you can grab a diffuser for about 25 bucks and then can spend whatever you like on a new bowlpiece. as little as 10 bucks or as much as 150+, all personal preference.

    hope that helps and then you can easily do it yourself. don't let those guys charge you so much for something that realistically can take you 2 minutes done yourself the right way.:bongin:

  3. and get a glass on glass joint blown onto your bong
    which is not going to happen
    if you want a glass on glass bong you will have to buy a new one, sir nugs alot
    you can get a g-on-g for as cheap as $50 bucks
    which is less than the price you were about to pay for downstem and bowl
  4. I don't need a g/g joint blown onto my bong I am fine with just having a rubber seal around the diffuser. Any online shops that you guys/gals recommend for these parts?
  5. EDIT/ just get some cheap stuff and try it out
  6. its still glass on glass if theres a rubber grommet around the difuser as long as the slide is the same size as the difuser. Just buy a diffuser and a slide and youll be golden as long as you get the right size
  7. if it's glass on glass there shouldn't be any rubber, right?

    what kind of hacked piece has a rubber grommet w/ g-on-g downstem and slide

  8. Why don't we just call it half-GonG or something so people can stop arguing about it? ...

    Yes, a piece with a rubber stopper isn't technically a full glass on glass piece, but it definitely hits a hell of a lot better than a grommet bong.
  9. if hes trying to make it gong the best he can do is with a rubber grommet around the defuser without buying a whole new bong
  10. yeah, it's a glass on glass on rubber.
    as opposed to a regular grommet bong being a glass on rubber on glass on rubber
    i can see the gong-on-rubber hitting better than the g-r on g-r
    anybody understand my post?
    cuz i dont

    i just think it would be more beneficial to get a whole new gong
    because for the price of a diffused downstem and bowl
    you will get a downstem and a bowl BUT WAIT. THERE'S MORE. along with a tube w/ glass joint

    either way
    i hope you enjoy the new setup
  11. I appreciate the enthusiasm guys, but again anyone recommend any online shops where I can get the parts?

  12. Posting links to other shops is against the rules, so sorry but no. ;):wave:
  13. I thought it was only against the rules if they were competing? From what I can tell Grasscity doesn't sell what I need so it's not competition so it should be ok shouldn't it?

  14. Nah, any link to another online head shop is against the rules. If they have what you need, they're probably going to have other stuff which does compete. :p
  15. ^^^^ we do have google ya know?

  16. Yeah... so... that means he can use it...

  17. thats what im sayin. i found all the sites i buy from all by myself. it was as easy as it was to find GC.

  18. Haha, gotcha. :smoking:

    I was confused. :hide::p
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    dude honestly, you don't make so much sense. i dont buy all this g on g on rubber on glass nonsense, but am not going to waste any more time on something so simple. op, stick with your guns and don't feel that you need to buy a new bong because you want to switch to glass on glass. that is a waste of money, bottom line, unless you want another piece lol. some of my favorite pieces have had grommets. there has been so much debate over what makes a piece entirely 100% glass on glass that it just becomes ridiculous at a certain point. it is all about the character of the individual piece. stop hating and help someone for a change instead of nitpicking.

    ...and as everyone should, :smoking:.
  20. There are alot of threads of people asking for this.
    you could just get a G-on-G diffuser and make it fit, i have never tried this but you prob would have to drill out the hole on the bong a bit more as the most common size downtube for a grommet is smaller than a 14mm G-on-G diffy. but if you have one of the bigger sizes on your bong u may just be able to fit it in.

    couple weeks ago there was a guy asking the same question but he actually found a website that had a diffuser for a grommet bong with a G-on-G joint on the end. you could also just have one made for you pretty cheap and any glassblower could make this.

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