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Bong Decision!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Proud2Smoke, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Some of you have probably seen my bong thread, well ive narrowed it down to two canidates. What are your guys (and gals!) opinions?
    Blaze Black Glass Bong 4.4mm thick glass OR
    SSFG Straight Travel Tube. Thanks!

  2. does the blaze have an ice catcher?
  3. unfortunately not, otherwise the decision would have been made aha. Apologies for the oversized picture
  4. well than its an obvious choice. the tube is bigger and has an ice catcher. im actually going to be getting a tube soon and possibly and ash catcher too. you should get one too, it will really set the piece off.

  5. the 2nd one because you can see you milk your rip. if the first one was transparent i would probably get that.

    and the second one has an ice catcher. tough choice though, thats why a small difference such as transparency made me choose the second.
  6. Hey man, I'm still going with the SSFG of course :bongin:
  7. Actually the blaze is (for exact height using centimeters so you can compare) is 31cm, the straight tube is 12 inch which is 30cm. So therefore it is not bigger, same size.
  8. Ssfg....blaze shit looks wack...I only fuck with brand name toobs tho
  9. How much do each of them cost?

    SSFG tho.
  10. Depends if you're going to take care of the tube and clean it, keep her all perty. Cause the SSFG will show your neglect. The blaze will cover it up, however, the blaze has a carb hole it looks like, and ive always been a fan of seeing my milks.

    I would however, get a ash catcher for either of them as mentioned above. I always figured the tube would be fine without one, but let me tell you, ash catchers help a TON.
  11. #12 Proud2Smoke, Mar 20, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 20, 2012
    Blaze is a brand name....
    yeah the transperancy will show all the nasty resin if one lets it builds up. I do clean my pieces however sometimes im just to stoned (to lazy!) to do it. Yea ash catchers are hektik ill probably invest eventually. Oh and they cost the same and are the same hieght
    the blaze does have a shoddy (carb) but it also comes with a plug for it. I to enjoy watching the milky goodness fill up the chamber, however it doesnt phase me, i like to close my eyes and feel the smoke, imagine where its going, and really use my lungs to do the rip, not my eyes. if you know what im saying
  12. In that case, id go with SSFG just cause that carb hole would bug the shit out of me. If you just toke by yourself it shouldnt matter that much, but if i get passed a nasty ass bong i wont hit it.

    Also, the blaze will be harder to clean, or more so tell if its clean.
  13. My friend got a new bong with a carb hole, and it came with a rubber plug just like the one on the blaze bong. When the water bubbles, it gets the plug wet and it slips right out sometimes. Get the straight tube brothaaa
  14. Im used to carb holes, first bongs (for a good year) i ever smoked out of were carb holes, or ones ith holes and slides, in which case i just covered it and kept it covered. I really want the blaze one for some reason (gut feeling) and the rubber plug i would use for soaking in the cleansing process.
  15. fuck i cannot make up my mind, does anyone know the size of the bowl that the ssfg comes with? would it be around the same size/bigger? this could make or break ahaha
  16. It's 20:3, man. Not hard to figure out. :rolleyes: Go for the ssfg.. :metal:

  17. SSFG sells an inline ashcatcher for 60 bucks.. the best 120 set up in the world :D :smoke:
  18. #19 Proud2Smoke, Mar 20, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 20, 2012

    Im sorry thought you meant bowl size > to stem, was hoping you meant bowl size > stem
  19. i hope my LHS has that. its what im really interested in right now lol. the pictures are misleading, makes the blaze look smaller.



    looks better
    has nicer bowl

    harder to clean
    cant see milk
    no ice catcher



    ice catcher
    easy to clean
    clear so you can see the smoke
    easier to hide since it doesnt have the bulb
    no carb

    will look dirty after little use (without an ash catcher)
    generic bowl (can be changed)

    basically the cons of the tube can be eliminated with some cash lol. the blaze will always have the carb and unless you're going to use it its pointless.

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