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  1. Okay, so my friend, who's lung collapsed, just gave me his old bong.  Basically it's dope, I love it, but I can't get this farker clean.
    I have never had this problem with a piece of glass before, but I just can't get it spotless.  The bottom fishbowl water chamber looks like someone took a dump in it.  The questionmark perculator is completely black/brown and the downstem is getting better.. I guess.
    I've tried boiling water and really hot water, the boiling water did a little, but I burnt the shit out of my hand being a dipshit so I dont wanna use it anymore.  
    Any cleaning advice?  I can upload a pic if I need to, I'm just lazy..

  2. 91% iso or higher and salt. Pretty much the best homeade bong cleaner. If its really nasty id just get a brand name cleaner
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  3. Wordd, I'll give it a shot.  Thanks man, not too nasty just grimy.
  4. Shake the everloving shit out of it also. Becareful if you have tree precs or a showerhead bc they can be fragile
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  5. I use this cleaner called BLING I got it from my local SS. I can say it cleans really good. there are days where my bowl is crazy black I use some of that with some hot water and gets it clean for me quick!
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  6. If it is really bad get a cleaner called "Grunge Off" let it soak overnight then after you wash out the grunge clean with salt and iso.
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  7. i would say get some warm/hot water and rubbing alcohol and salt, plug the holes of the bong and let that shit sit in there for a day or so shake it every once in a while, and i think it will do the trick. I personally use 3parts alcohol to 2 parts water and be genorous with the amount of salt you add. Ive also heard 409 cleaner is good but havent tried it.
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  8. This bitch is sparkling now!  Hella thanks all of you!
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    Acetone. Leave it overnight in a bag.
    Never boil the thing, you could crack the glass. Alcohol does the job. Make sure to rinse it out at least once with water afterwards.
    Edit: Oh, it already sparkles. Well congrats. 
  10. Alcohol and salt as mentioned. I've also used acetone which can be bought cheaply at home depot or lowes. My favorite store bought glass cleaner is 'Formula 420' which I just pick up at my local head shop. I have never had good luck with organic cleaners and I have tried several. I hate this because I respect organic efforts. As unsuspicious said: Never boil. I have had pieces break this way plus it makes the house smell like ass. 
  11. Formula 420 mabey

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  12. Rubbing alcohol and salt followed by hot water did the job in seconds.  Recommended.
  13. Step 1 : iso 91% in the bitch for a day Step 2: empty it put more alcohol and rock salt shake that fucker for 10min
    Step 3: step 2 but dont shake the ho and then get a tube cleaner and finish up.
    (If no tube cleaner spatula with papertowel tape the faggot and put a sponge the ruff side up and tape it aswell and put rubbing alcohol on the sponge)
    Step 4: put it directly under a sink or bathtub and burning hot water constantly flowing through it for 10min should clean that pretty well
    (If u have a pinch work around it if you have a perc or shower you fucked bro)

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