Bong Cases?

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  1. Anyone have any recommendations for a bong case? I'm thinking about buying a bong, but would need a nice case to transport it, so the glass doesn't break. What should I get? And also, what bong that's under 30 bucks should I get?
  2. not to sure about the case but i hope u mean what bong under 300 should u get cuz good luck finding one under i have a 33'' phx tetra that i love.everyone says it has alotta drap but i dont think so
  3. ive heard good things about a brand called Vatra. i was actually looking at a few in my local headshop today, they are really plush and soft. and they have ones that look like golfbags with a lot of compartments, the thing was dope. anyways, they were about 35 bucks.
  4. Thanks for the tips about Vatra.

    Anyway, when searching for the perfect bong that's cheap, I found a website called

    Has anyone bought from them? I found them looking for a brand that started with the letter "I", I don't remember, since I only started smoking today, in fact...
  5. i have a vatra and am extremely please, great protection and it looks great too, payed $35 like the other poster mentioned
  6. I have probably 15-20 Vatra bags and i really dont like them..... Theyre ok..

    I would never put any of my 'high end' glass in one of them, i buy hardcases with foam and cut the shape of the piece out in the multiple layers of foam.
  7. I own a RYOT case. They are awesome. It looks like a piece of luggage and it offers overall protection. It locks as well. A bit pricey tho, but def worth it.

    I have a 20"er.
  8. Seth, let me buy one off of you? :D

    I decided that I'm gonna get a RooR Bong 100 as a starter bong, it's only 65 dollars, and RooR is supposedly a very good brand for bongs.

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