Bong, Bubbler, or Pipe?

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  1. So, i am looking at purchasing my first piece of glass! I'm excited and enthusiastic to learn what i need.

    I'm not sure what i should buy though, a Bong, a Bubbler, or a pipe. I'm on a low budget (Under $50) while i save for some nicer glass.

    My main question is, what should i buy, and why? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

    Also, im looking at buying off of EDIT. (The Molino spoon pipes are looking lovely :))

    Thanks in advance!
  2. All up to your living situation and preference.

    -If you don't need to hide anything and like taking big hits, for the price you should take a look at the EHLE bongs.

    -If you severely need to hide your piece and don't want to hassle with water, try a pipe.

    -If you mildly need to hide your piece and like water filter/cool then go for a bubbler.

    My first piece was a bubbler and I love the convenience of water + hide-ablity. Good luck in your journey!
  3. Yeah, it really does depend on living situation. My first piece was a glass pipe and i loveddd it. It fit in my pocket so easy and was VERY easy to hide.

    Consider these

    Bongs: Big. Hard to hide in most cases. Uses water.

    Bubblers: Medium sized, moderately hard to hide. Uses water.

    My favorite,

    Pipes: Small, to incredibly small sized, and VERY easy to hide. They even make ones that look like pens, and wrenches, and KEYCHAINS!

    For your first buy, i recommend the pipe.
    If your not scared about anyone finding it, buy a bong!:)
  4. Yeah, it all depends on your living situation.

    If your cool with people coming over and seeing your collection, buy a bong. If you want it to be really easy to hide, buy a pipe. If you want the smooth hits from water, buy a bubbler.

    If its possible, I highly recommend getting a bong. You can get $40-$50 glass bongs that are great!
  5. Do not buy off edit if your budget is 50 dollars man ........... goto a glass shop the shipping is guna be a bitch
  6. I would suggest a pipe for your first glass purchase, you can get some pretty sweet looking ones for under $50.

  7. I would go with a mini bong or a bubbler if your planning on smoking it at home...If you plan on going over to a friends or hanging out outside more when your smoking I would prolly go with the pipe..

    hope this helps
  8. I love bubblers... so I'd recommend you get one of them. One of my bubblers is kind of like the below, except mine the main chamber is much bigger, and the chamber after the main one is also much bigger. I got it for $47 altogether.

  9. get a bubbler. they are the most bang for your buck piece and especially since this is your first piece :) . bubblers are awesome and come in handy everywhere. everyone should have atleast one bub in the collection. blaze on and let us know what you grabbed. Peacee
  10. Their shipping charges are very reasonable, and i always get multiple items from them anyways.

    Thanks for all of the input everyone. At this point, i have narrowed it down to a pipe or a bubbler. I will wait until i am out of school and have my own place before i work up a large collection :p

    I have this one in mind particularly. Molino Glass Spoon Pipe - Water - Online Shop

    Any input/suggestions?
  11. Actually, EDIT has really high shipping costs to the US if your buying a pipe or bong...basically any type of glass. Infact, I bought a Acrylic bong, and a glass pipe and some other things, and shipping cost $32! It was unbelievable!
  12. Just checked the shipping charge for a pipe and some randomly assorted rolling papers and other accessories.

    $30 order. $5 shipping.... :S

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