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bong broke...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Billy8687, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. Alright, so i broke my bong by hitting it against a chair and it shattered on the back patio and there are tiny pieces of glass on the patio but its raining so i cant see them all so im wondering if its going to smell?
  2. thats better tahn what happened to mine

    my bong was in my freinds bag pack he found some one and aparantly it "broke" so my asian freind said he threw it away when in reality he jacked it found out 2 weeks ago after he had left da city

    Chen if your outthere id be watchin ma self;)
  3. both are better than what happened to may the first weekend back to school this semester.
    i have a new bong now but i miss the old one....

    i was really really high and wanted to smoke another bong load so i went and got my bong and had to put water in it...i have 3 roommate because i live in an apartment and as i was walking down the hall to the kitchen to put water in it, one of my roommates opened his bedroom door( they open into the hallway worst thing ever) and it slammed into my hand and the bong. i was so made the bong was in like a billion pieces.

    oh and if it is raining on your broken bong pieces the wont smell like anything but glass and water.
  4. it shouldn't smell like anything if it is outside and being rained on.

    and i wish my bong broke that way. it is so much better then how my bong did break.

    it was the first weekend back at school and me and 2 of my friends rent a small house off campus. it is sweet and we have epic partys but anyway. i had moved in that morning and finally finished unpacking and wanted to smoke. so i grabbed my bong to fill it with water ion the kitchen. on the way to the kitchen one of my roommates opened up his bedroom door, they open out dont ask me why but they do it is a horrible thing) the door nob on his door slammed into my bong making it shatter into a million little pieces i was so pissed. i got a new bong the next day.

  5. You explained the same story twice in a slightly different way. You must be high. :smoke:
  6. I was thinking the same thing:smoke:
  7. hahaha i didnt even relizit until now i thought the first post looked similar shit it makes me want to go smoke more

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