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Bong broke..

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by OneTimeUseRR, Feb 9, 2017.

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    Hello guys,

    I recently got my bong and unfortunately sleepy managed to touch it in the dark so it fell over and broke.
    As it was some amount of money I spent I don't wanna just give up the bong..
    I've already read a lot about possibilities of fixing it, I just wanna get a view regarding this particular case.

    It broke at the top right after the perculator.. Particularly (just a small part) shattered, but to me it looks like there is always this one spot left the glas overlaps (Except maybe at one part).

    I need something to hold it together while not putting my health at an undue risk.
    Meaning as well, I don't care of the look as long as it's healthier that way.
    As I already got alcohol to clean it I'd prefer it still being usable afterwards..
    If it's the only possibility to safe the bong I'd go for it though..

    I read quite a lot about epoxy, Silicon and JB weld - Can you recommend those for my situation?

    Hoping for and appreciate any help!

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  2. I use epoxy to put glass together. Just use some orange cleaner instead. Otherwise the alcohol based stuff will eventually eat the epoxy. It's like paint thinner.
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  3. Ok, I will consider that. Thanks for your reply :)
    Do you know by any chance if this has negative effects on your health?

    Any other suggestions/meanings?
  4. I'm not sure man. I mean I let mine cure for a couple days before using them. They don't seem any different to the shop bought, default versions.
    Neither in taste, smell or feeling (the high and associated effects).
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  5. A quick temporary fix you could use a toilet paper tube and tape. Just dont leave on because of mold potential.
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    A good quality epoxy adhesive will put hold those pieces together pretty well. Spend 9 bucks and buy this:
    ClearWeld Syringe
    As you said, clean the shit out of it with alcohol and glue those pieces up like a puzzle. I've used epoxy adhesives to repair so many things it's not even funny. Of course let it cure overnight and it'll be rock solid. One tip:
    Once you glue the pieces you'll have excess glue falling on the outer and inner sides of the bong, it will be a stronger bond if you don't wipe all the glue.Leave the bump of glue between broken pieces and bong. Then afterwards once the glue has hardened you can use a file or rough sandpaper to do a little finishing so the walls of the glass can be flush again. I usually just leave it like that because it leaves a stronger joint.
    P.S Once the epoxy has set it'll have zero effect on your health.
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