bong breaking etiquette?

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  1. So I'm aware that if you break someone's bong the right thing to do is to buy them a new one, however, I'm currently in a bit of a dilemma.

    A friend of mine broke my expensive bong last night. Now the bong was given to me by a close friend a few months back, so I have no monetary investment in the bong. The friend offered to buy me a new bong, and I only responded that I would think about it. Now the reason I hesitate is that when he's broken a bong of mine in the past, he replaced it with a far cheaper bong of lower quality. Does anyone have suggestions regarding how I should handle the situation?
  2. Just explain to him the monetary worth of the bong and ask for the cash so you can get what you want.

  3. Explain to him that your bong was expensive. Tell him how much it was, and he will give you that amount of money.
  4. that is tricky, but you should let him know that replacement is necessary and that it won't be cheap. obviously, it wouldn't be right to ask him for the original value of the piece but ask him for a fair share toward a new, nice piece

    If it were me, I would ask the guy for, say, $100, and then go searching for a $150-$200 nice piece
  5. Hrm, bit of a dilemma for sure.

    Here's one option. Tell the friend who broke the bong that the original owner of the bong would like it replaced with the same kind (brand/style). Perhaps that will ensure that you receive a quality replacement.

    You may not even need to drop your other friends name to avoid the situation getting any more sticky than it already is.
  6. maybe just ask him for money towards a new bong, and maybe you could get a better piece of glass if you are willing to spend a couple extra bucks maybe you could make a big upgrade
  7. It's not rude for you to ask for an amount, the dude broke your bong THATs rude lol
  8. C'mon now, accidents happen. Unless it was intentional don't condemn someone as being "rude" when baked around glass. :smoke:
  9. It was probably an accident it's not rude, shit happens if you are letting other people use it often that's just a hazard, but I think having him go in with you for a new bong would be the best option, I don't think I would make someone buy me a nice new bong regardless
  10. Now... my say on this is intirely my opinion but I think if someone broke your bong they shouldn't have to pay the full amount you bought it for. Instead, ask for a legit value of money that they can give you so you can invest in a new one. I mean, aren't you risking the breaking of your bong anyways by letting someone else smoke out of it? Thats just my opinion though.
  11. If someone broke my bubbler, you better believe I would be like, you owe me 110 dollars, by the end of next week, or im just going to look through your pieces and take one, OR, whip your ass.
  12. But an accident? I can see a partial contribution to getting a new one, but to be completely honest if it was an accident, Like i set it down and it fell over or i was handing it to a friend and they don't grab it completely, I'd pay for part of it.

    Also beating someone up over something is stupid and a waste of time. But that's my two cents on that.

    OP, tell your friend that you expect some sort of payment in cash so you can choose a new bong and not get ripped off, but I don't think you should make him pay for all of it, just a share. But again, that's what I would do, and it also depends on how close you are with who broke it.
  13. Just have him give you some money to help cover a new one. you cant very well expect him to cover the whole price since you didn't actually pay anything for the bong
  14. I can see the solution of kicking someones ass if they broke it on purpose or didn't want to give you "some" money for an investment in a new piece. If you don't want it broken, why risk handing your piece to someone else. To me that would be your own fault. To resort to violence like that over a piece after you handed it to them and they break it is not etiquette. You lose respect.
  15. he needs to get you another one of the same value. when u smoke out of a nice piece with someone they should understand this and be more careful, but shit happens. this has happened to me and as long as its equally replaced its fine
  16. Thanks for all the advice...And to clarify a few things, we weren't even smoking out of it when this happened...I was actually asleep and got woken up by the sound of it breaking. And also, it was definitely an accident. But I think I'll ask for around $100 to buy a new bong.

    Thanks guys, Keep toking
  17. It's a crappy situation to be in for sure but he/ she absolutely should replace the piece with the same or a comparable one. Accidents suck but just because you accidentally rear-end someone doesn't mean you aren't responsible for fixing their car. This also isn't the first time this particular friend has broken one of your pieces.
  18. Here's how that situation works... you either take your friend to the head shop and pick your prize, or you ask for the cash. Don't get shafted on glass man, its an expensive fuckin hobby.
  19. Yea seriously gotta replace it or cash value. Ive broken bongs on accident, shit happens, one time my dogs tail broke it... so i replaced it with a bong twice its value. He went from china to roor.:eek::eek:

    Seriously gotta watch to kids around the tools. Have it replaced with something better or im getting something from you, especially if ur not my homie.
  20. If its a piece thats a few , or a good amount of money $200-$1000... id say that the person owes you the money. as the value of the piece is lower, the person should pay for most if not all of it, depending on situation. if the piece is a higher valued $500+ than let them pay for a good amount of it, and you pay the rest.

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