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  1. Wanted to show off all the pieces Ive acquired so far. Id have a lot more but the cops raided my house a year ago and broke all my bongs and pipes and everything.

    The first one is a mini lux with a 5 arm perc and custom worked downstem and bowl. I bought from my friend who works at a headshop who needed money for 75 bucks. STEAL OF DEAL:hello::hello::hello:

    The next one is a Hurricane Basix my GF bought for me for valentines day:D. It has a custom roor bowl on it. Next to it is my vintage opium jar with gold leaf i use as a stash jar for the super heady shit:smoke:.

    The third bong is a D-Fuse. I traded my friend two clones for it. Its a stemless straight tube with a diffuser built in as well being naturally perced. I also recently heard about diffuser beads and they work really well in stemless bongs if anyone has wanted a little better filtration from their own. They also look pretty cool if you ask me.

    The case is an old clairnet case and has my other gong bowls, a bubbler and 2 pipes.

    The last one I have posted on here and actually just got yesterday at a place called Heady Glass (for those of you in Denver its on 26 S. Broadway only place ive seen in denver that has illadelph). Its a 17inch 5mm Green label Illadelph with a platinum leaf outlined downstem. It was priced at 260 but the guy at the shop gave me a discount to 170 and it came out 197 after tax.
    Hopefully more to come soon:wave:

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  2. nice collection.
    dig that lux 5arm.

  3. nice collection man, how do you like the hurricane? i own the big cyclone and i love it. its the hurricane knockoff but i won it in a contest.
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    Thanks Rotax!!

    heres a milk shot of the illadelph other to come

    [ame=""]YouTube - New Illadelph 5mm Green Label[/ame]
  5. I really like it. Its my favorite bong for sentimental reasons, but also if I have some really good bud and I want a good taste i usually smoke out it. Its kind of a dry hit but its very very clean and the taste of any bud really shines through.
  6. i want to see a milkvid of the hurricane to compare to mine.
  7. Heres a milk vid of the LUX

    [ame=""]YouTube - Mini Lux 5 arm perc[/ame]
  8. Here ya go man! I finished the bowl but i couldnt finish clearing it. Kinda hard to on this one
    [ame=""]YouTube - hurricane basix[/ame]
  9. Heres the Stemless with Beads

    [ame=""]YouTube - Stemless glass on glass bong with diffuser beads[/ame]
  10. hahah nice

    how u feelin now man?!

  11. I can snap bowls all day son!
  12. nice mines a lil bit smaller than yours and i think it reclines back more. you keep water in the dry A/C to keep it clean or what?[ame=][​IMG][/ame]
  13. nice tube man! i love how the smoke looks when it spirals.
  14. Damn, nice. This guy I smoke with a lot has the same illadelph but in blue label. A nice ass piece.
  15. thanks I like it alot it hits realy smooth. I wanna get an 8/13 toro next or an illadelph glycerin but im leaning towards the toro at the moment they are just so sick.

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