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Bong Accessories Q

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Seanathon, Aug 24, 2008.

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    Hi, I've been smoking since I was 4 with my father but I recently got back into smoking after taking a long-time hiatus. After trying a lot of friends bongs and other smoking methods recently, I had a few questions about the nature of accessories.

    First and foremost, I was curious if certain accesssories improve/accentuate certain types or brands of bongs better than others? In addition/for clarification: My friend has an expensive bong with a percolator and exterior ashcatcher, just below the bowl, but as I scan around looking at all the types of bongs and there different characteristics for education purposes, I notice that most people use only an exterior ashcatcher/water chamber for their Roors. I'm under the impression that Roor is a very good company, so I'm kind of baffled that people don't deck out their bongs with everything imaginable. Is it simply overkill to have lots of accessories, or is a percolator ice catcher AND ashcatcher overkill on such a nice bong design in the first place?

    if accessories don't accentuate certain shapes or models of bongs, then is the selection and number of accesories personal preference alone?

    its hard to find straight, unbiased answers on all of this so I really appreciate any constructive feeback.

    2. I'm also looking for a very unique bong for whatever price range. I don't want to compete with the Jones' as much as I want a unique smoking experience. Something like the Bushmaster Cyclone, or something unique like that. Any recommendations?

    3. Are high-end vaporizers like the volcano vaporizer viable for hang-out situations with multiple friends?

  2. no matter what kind of bong it is, its always fun

    roor is a very good company imo

    just go shopping wait for something that catches your attention and is unique to your smoking style. ti me its not so much about all the magical things your bong can do as to how comfortable and cool it is. i dont think i would ever get a 6 foot bong with 5 attachments, even if it hit pretty nice.

    there was a thread on here with a very nice bong with a fixed propeller and shit, that shit was cool
  3. I can't help you with the bong questions, but I do own a vape.

    I got it about a week ago and can say it is the best investment I have made into paraphernalia. Vapeing is a unique smoking method that is "cleaner", preserves marijuana, and (depending on the temp settings) gives you a more clear headed high.

    It can easily be used in group sessions and can even be easily moved to other locations. the only downside is that it has to be hooked up to a electrical socket. So it is not possible to smoke outside of the house unless you can set up a extension cord for your porch or something.

    I really recommend it to everyone, ask the other vape users on this site and they will totally agree with me. Good Luck with your purchase:smoking::smoking::smoking:
  4. Roor is a good company but they are way to pricey. The best place is a head shop imo. Then you don't have to worry about shipping problems. You don't need too many accessories if you are just a typical smoker, I like having the ice catcher personally. If you want truly unique smoking experience then find a glass blower around your area and have him create something that you want.
  5. The reason you don't see man Roor's with percs is b/c they are hard to come by. In my Opinion a roor doesn't need one either. I do have a roor with a tree perc and and a pre cooler, and it hits nice but its over kill. I also have a phx with 3 percs. Also overkill. Like you said it all comes down to personal preference. I personally think a precooler or ash catcher is essential just b/c i like keeping the bong clean. Also I've gotta have a diffuser Remember the more percs you have the more drag there is.

    All that being said my favorite bong is a locally blown piece that doesn't have a diffuser or an ashcatcher. Its not even glass on glass. Go figure
  6. Am I the only one who noticed he said he's been smoking since he was 4?
    Not saying i don't believe you, but damn! :hello:

  7. what dad gives their 4 y o weed?

  8. thats a good question man, that is just horrible.
  9. Hah, don't you worry about me. I'm well off in the brains department, thankfully.
  10. unfortunatly folks there are fathers out there like that, but if you start smoking at 4 and can function on a computer later in life....I think you are doing damn well for yourself! hah
  11. #11 Seanathon, Aug 31, 2008
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    You figure a forum full of potheads would be a little more open-minded :wave:

    I suppose nothing can make a person think critically unless they will it.
  12. The reason why you don't see a ton of RooRs with diffusers and ashcatchers and precoolers is because most people can't afford it all. When you consider that people spend $500+ on a plain, no-frills RooR, how many people really want to spend another $200+ for one with diffusers or an ashcatcher?

    I think you should definitely get a Bushmaster Cyclone. I'm pretty sure it's not as durable as a real Hurricane bong (which the Cyclone rips off), because the quality of the borosilicate glass probably isn't as good and it isn't as thick, but the design is solid and it comes with an ashcatcher. It also costs a hell of a lot less than a Hurricane. You'll definitely be pleased with it.

    There are plenty of different vaporizers out there that are suitable for multiple people using it. You can get the extra huge bags for the Volcano (5 gallon? I'm not sure), or you can get a whip style vaporizer, so you can just pass the whip around, though you'll probably want extra long tubing.

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