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  1. In class... Right now.. Kid got boner... Kid had to go to front of class to do problem.. Everyone laughed at boner.. I laughed at boner.. Teacher laughed at boner.. That kid was so embarrassed. He was in the right though, because the fine ass girl in front of him had her thong up mighty high.

    Any other funny boner stories?
    Oh, and the kid was wearing gym shorts^.^ haha
  2. lol happens to me all the time , just gotta get up and be proud
  3. Hahaha, If you say so. I couldn't do it. Pretty funny though.
  4. happened to my bf once. i was givin him a hand job under the lab table in the back of the room and he got called on to do his presentation a day early and had to go up with the biggest boner and he was wearing sweats lol! i felt so bad for him but he rocked the presentation haha nobody laughed but you could hear everyone whispering to each other and they kept looking back at me. i think i was more embarrassed then him haha
  5. Haha thats awesome. I gotta agree with Zweeezy though; If it happened to me, i'd walk up there like "Yeah, don't act like you're not impressed" Ain't no other way to do it. Plus the positive outcomes over weigh the negative in my mind.. :smoke:
  6. I dont wear gym shorts when there is a chance of me getting a boner and walking infront of a group of people, with some people i know in it.
  7. Dude when that happens to me I just tuck it in to my waste band you can fuck your belly button while you're at it.. Damn never knew Superbad would teach me such a life saving skill. lol
  8. I doubt it. Everyone knows you can hide your boner by making it face up and letting the waistband hold it to your belly area.

  9. Quoted for truth.
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    That's what i do man. It always works for me.
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    Yep yep man, it works haha
  12. Did the waistband tuck in high school all the time
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    Hahaha me too, damn bus vibrations on the way to school, my juvenile dick didn't know the difference haha.
  14. I avoided boners like the black plague but god-damn, it got hard to not get hard in high school. Them honeys was fine, yo.
  15. Broners.

    ok just so I can actually contribute... Dog I got a boner during the pledge of allegiance once. Didn't do the waistband thing cause I didn't know about it. I always thought you would have to get rid of it by thinking of grandma or music or ANYTHING else likes forks.
    Some people noticed. Nothing bad happened. Got some attention from the cheerleaders too. Damn eighth grade was the shit!!
  16. In eighth grade, i would get an erection every math class. Like fuckin clock-work i tell you!
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    Mmm fractions and Pie charts lol. I think it's on a weird timer at that age lol
  18. I was watching porn one day, pants fully down, stoned, just going to town on myself.

    Doorbell rings.

    I peep outside, its a young girl, maybe 17-18, and she is cute.
    Not gorgeous, but definitely a good looking lady.

    I figure: Im pretty defined and muscular, Ill open the door for her.
    My shirt was off, so I could show off my six pack, so I flipped my boner into my waistband.

    I answered the door.
    She stared at me head to toe.
    She laughed, and said "Umm...."
    I lean on the door frame, looking all bad ass.
    "Your penis is out"

    I look down, and the top inches of my dick are completely protruding from the top of my pants.

    I tried to put it away so quickly that I even managed to hit myself in the sack.

    I play it off cool, "Soooo Sorry about that..."
    "Its fine, um.... is your mom home?"
    "Give her this"

    She hands me a brochure, about some lame ass school fundraiser.
    She leaves.

    I couldnt have handled that any worse.
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    Ahaha perfect high moment, you forget your shirt was off
  20. How sad, I was thinking for a second that this story would turn into some wild fantastic story about your railing some poon. :/

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