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  1. So i was baked beyond thunder dome,(Inside Joke) earlier and i was listening to blaze it. And for some reason the music sounded the best when laying on my back and hearing I been fucked up since the last weeks song P.o.Ded all night loooong. Whats some of your favorite bone thugs songs to smoke to?

    Mine would be
    Buddha Lovaz
    Bud Smokers only
    Weed Song
    Blaze it
    And Krazy bones Smokin Buddha

  2. Should be in Music Hall... but Candy Paint.
  3. ^^^wow.....out of all the btnh songs u choose a bad one and it isnt even a smokin song..... jp sorta kinda

    but to OP- man, i have a whole btnh smokin playlist
  4. ALL of their shit souns so awesome when your ripped
  5. Hell yea dude. I either roll with btnh or pink floyd when im smoking. I love listening to pink floyd with a nice hybrid smoke. Its always nice to listen to the dark side of the moon album when blazing or when your stoned
  6. Clog up yo mind
  7. ecstasy is an amazingly cool song.

  8. Ha no thats true. I just love the song for whatever reason. Some good ass memories to that song. My Sophmore Yr of College just remember cruising in my buddies S4 blazing and bumping that song all fucked up as hell.

    *This post does not condone driving while inebriated* ;)
  9. haha oh okay, i understand
  10. I love all bone thugs music, there just amazing in general. Cant wait for all 5 of them to put out a new CD!!!!! :D
  11. Yeah for real man. Hopefully it comes out like next year since that one guy got out of jail. Flesh N Bone right? :smoking:
  12. ecstacy remix by copy is even more amazing
  13. i like to smoke to Thuggish Ruggish Bone, For The Love of Money, Notorious Thugz, and Da roof is on fire by Bizzy Bone
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    Yeah, Bone Thugs is really chill. My top favorites are:

    Change the World
    Days of our Lives
    For the Love of Money
    Runnin' With the AK47 (Heated Heavy)
    Smoke Weed and Maintain

    They're so chillin to smoke to (usually gotta be in the right mood though).
  15. east 99 is my song
  16. crept and we came
    notorious thugz
    thuggish ruggish bone
    thug mentality
  17. all the ones u stated and bless the 40 oz
  18. Tha Crossroads

    it just so happens to be my myspace song. :)
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    are you kidding me, dude im the biggest bone nerd you will ever know. POD and blaze it are definetly one of the songs i always bump to when im lit. i swear BOne THugs have the best weed songs.
    I post in theres alot of good shit there that was never release. alot of weed joints that they couldnt put up into albums. PM me and ill hook you up with some of the tracks i been having. you wont be disappointed if you love those songs you listed.

    heres some of my favorites that were never really released in any of their popular albums. hopefully you guys can manage to get them somehow. or just PM me.

    Mo thugs - Who it is
    Krayzie bone - Zonin
    BTNH - Playing the game
    Bizzy bone ft. btnh - weed man
    Btnh ft. supervision - music makes me high
    Krayzie bone - Sweet jane (from his mixtape album that came out last year)
    The syndicate ft. btnh - midwest invasion

    oh and check out Budsmokers only and Me Killa from the east 99 album.

  20. btnhboard represent! repped

    honestly, there are just too many damn weed songs by them i feel like if i stated one then i owuld have to state them all and i would be here my ipod is screwed

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