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bonding with your cat(animal) high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BuddhistStoner, May 3, 2011.

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  1. I notice i bond with my cat when im high. This morning i rolled a fat blunt and went out on my porch to smoke while watching a soccer game again lol but i killed that blunt even the roach. Then i came in and i saw him jump on the chair. I was in the kitchen making coffee and i called him. I said "want to get high". he runs over because he knows the routine. I grabbed the catnip after turning on the coffee maker. I got his catnip and rubbed that shit on his mat. then afterwards he likes to wrestle lol. Cats like to get a little aggressive so like he attacks my hand and shit. its crazy. but when me and my wife smoke he always wants to be in the bathroom with us while we hotboxing it. and when we come out i give him catnip.

    tell me how you bond with your animals high
  2. I fuck it.
  3. Haha, nice. Back when I had my own place my cat would actually jump on my lap when I'd break the pipe out. Ive known dogs that liked to drink beer. This cat likes to "smoke" greens lol.

    Now that I cant smoke inside tho he doesnt get to burn with me. But hes always all over me when I come back inside. Guess he can smell it or something. Its ALMOST annoying, but you cant get mad at an animal that just wants to chill with you.
  4. I find it so weird man. Its something in the smell of it, because my cat can smell it and like you said will want to be all over me even when i had smoked outside.
  5. My dog larry likes gettin high. And me and my buddys got a cat super super stoned one time it was hilariouss
  6. lol i love blowing smoke in my cats face. i want to give him a shot gun one day.
  7. I laughed man

    Me and my cat bond over being macho in the old school way

    Like, I'll watch him stare down another cat out in the street, and when he wins, and sees me watching, he struts over like a boss and I give him mad props for being such a G

    Other times, when I come home really late for whatever reason, he's in the driveway waiting for me, sorta standing guard. He kind of acknowledges me curtly, like a soldier would a fellow soldier. And then I'll stand there with him for like 10 minutes, we just sorta patrol the same space and keep the bad guys away. He gets a quick cuddle and then I go inside and he finishes the watch outside haha

    Edit: my cat never loses any street fights btw :D
  8. Catnip is very similar to cannabis and they seem to love both, I used to give my cats catnip but they'd go too batshit but now they sit outside my door all the time trying to get in and I know it's the weed cause they only do it when I'm blazing, they'll even like put their noses under the door and shit.
  9. Haha, your cat is the next sam fisher. conviction style. ;)
  10. i love my dog too much to get it high lol
  11. It's like we share the same brain with my dog when we're high.
  12. I get my friends dog high everytime we're there. Her name is Maggie, and usually, Maggie is an annoying bitch. So I give her a few good hits and then she's chill as fuck. Lays there with you and just chills, she even brofists you.

    So, moral of the story...if you have an annoying dog get it high and teach it to brofist.
  13. my dog of 14 years is on her downhill, going deaf going blind, and just growing old.
    I smoked her out yesterday, figured she deserved to live the high life for once.
    numb the pain

  14. Bahah I hadn't thought of it like that

    He's pretty badass though. I kinda imagine his personality like the viking in my sig. He's pretty big too. I'm sure he bangs all the female cats on the block hahaha
  15. So much discussion of getting animals high in this thread... No matter how much they "wanted it," let's keep these anecdotes to ourselves shall we?
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    cry to peta?

    Please Re-Read The Rules as The Talk of Getting Animals HIGH is Against The Rulres!!! **unoit**

  17. Nice red gem. It's a wonder where you picked that up with your blatant disrespect for the few rules this forum enforces.
  18. #18 unoit, May 3, 2011
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    Well Another Thread Closed!!!!
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