Bond Supervision??

Discussion in 'General' started by stonerobot, May 3, 2011.

  1. so my question is hows bond supervision work. i went to jail for a misdemeanor for possession of marijuana. well bond supervision said i will have to take a UA tomorrow. what happens if you fail because i obviously smoke everyday......smoke the day i got caught so its in my system. should i try and clean my system, what would happen if i fail
  2. Are you fucked for life now job wise? Not trying to be a dick but I just wanna know. Buy a 7-day detox kit from GNC. There like $30. I just got mine today.
  3. idk if i am this just happen last week and im going to court on thursday.
  4. No one could ever supervise Bond. M tried, but she usually just ends up frustrated despite his success.

  5. Haaaaa.
  6. Just explain to them that you smoked the day you got caught, and that you dont think theres been enough time for your system to clear out.
    Im sure theyll understand.

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