bommmmbbbbbb picked up right now

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by thedanksta, Sep 29, 2003.

  1. sooooo tasty

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  2. i likey long time

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  3. Looks Yummy! after you smoke come back here and share what happened :)
  4. hey man i got weed that looks just like that right now and let me tell you it loves you long time
  5. pretty stoney

    lasts about 3 hours

    man we blazed like 2 blunts and a quarter o out of the bong

    my lungs still hurt from yesterday

    feels like my tolerance went up a little too

    im not getting very high today
  6. My good friend who's my dealer just picked up a pound of bud that looks almost identical to this - man, it is ridiculous. I smoke every day, and when I smoked a blunt of this with a couple other people, we had to poke it out half way through. I couldn't even take any more was nuts, and I'm not the person to EVER turn down chronic. The high lasted for a good 4 hours, no kidding, and it was a very strong and cerebal, trippy high. Great stuff no me more stoned than some haze I've had.
  7. yo i got the same shit its ok but the shit i had before was nice

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