Bombsaway's Strawberry Haze Grow!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by bombsaway, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. So, I've got this thread on another site, but I'm partial to GC, so I'll post an abridged version here.

    I'm growing two mothers from fem Strawberry Haze seeds, from Greenhouse.

    As soon as they're big enough, I'm taking clones and throwing them in my full-size grow area to veg and flower. So, a long process.

    I started germing seeds about two weeks ago. I've now got two good seedlings, as you can see below. They're growing in my seedling/clone cab at the moment, while I upgrade my grow area. Right now, they're under 2 100W CFLs (2700K). When they're a little bigger, they're going under my 250W MH for MAXIMUM veg. They're full-blooded sativas with a lot of stretch. Or so I hear. I don't know much about Strawberry Haze, except that it's extremely potent when grown well. I've never seen a grow on any of the forums. Any tips or suggestions, please PM me, or post here for all our benefit. They're growing in FFOF, and I'm starting them on 1/4 strength BioBizz nutes today, with fulvic acid during veg, and Sucanat during flower.


    Here's some pics:




  2. Definitely been looking into growing Strawberry haze...keep us all posted!!
  3. Nice setup. I like the bong. :)
  4. I'm excited to see this grow...strawberry is in the near future for me.

    Lookin good man, I like the setup.

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