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bomb night

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by vaheb, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. 3 of my friends came over, played FIFA 12 for a couple hours on the PS3, played some ball outside and then hit 2 J's of OG kush we got from the club..

    We're all heave smokers, and 1 J handled all of us pretty well, and then the second one destroyed us.

    After this process was done, we went to a local bomb seafood spot where you have to wait an hour to eat.

    Got in after an hour, while our munchies had fully set in and got like 10 pounds of crab, craw fish, and shrimp.

    Just got home showered and in a food coma.

    Dank night!
  2. Sounds great man.

    How much did that food cost? Sounds like a huge amount.

  3. 40 a piece bro. It was worth every penny.

    That ish was so spicy, my butt is gonna hate me tomorrow haha
  4. Hahahaha bro sounds pretty chill :hello:

    Just be ready to wake up at 1am and take assholeburing shits
  5. Ya played with ya boys and got crabs.
  6. Sounds fun - don't know how I would feel about seafood while high though (probably just a personal thing).
  7. [quote name='"vaheb"']3 of my friends came over, played FIFA 12 for a couple hours on the PS3[/quote]

    I am not a fan of soccer...but the FIFA games are awesome to play with some friends
  8. Sounds like a good ass night haha

  9. It's pretty bad bro haha
  10. probably going down in history books to teach our younger generations how to live it the fuck up

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