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Boiling Pipe and Collect Resin

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Backtrack, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. So my glass bowl style pipe is starting to get a bit of a smell on it. Along with a build up of resin on it. I have saw a few cleaning methods where people will put their pipe in a bag with a solution of things and it cleans it but issue is that you can't smoke resin after that.

    So I am wondering is it a good idea to boil a pipe? Any better ideas? I also heard that if you get glass really hot it can give it small cracks and cause it to break easy, is that true?
  2. It can crack with rapid tempature change. If you do this put it in the pot while the water is at room tempature then heat it. When it's done just let water in there cool down then take it out.
  3. You still won't be able to smoke the resin...

  4. Man just grab a couple paper clips , heat up the cocksucking pipe , and scrape the damned thing. I've seen a buddy plug the bowl on a spoon pipe , put his mouth on the carb and literally blew out a chunk of resin that was the length and width of the stem. It takes some time and work but you can get a pipe to be brand new looking without boiling it or using solution, thus being able to save resin.
  5. First off, dont boil your pipe. theres always a chance it will crack. and second. when you soak it in a baggy with rubbing alcohol you can still save the resin. just let it dry and there ya go.
  6. So in the end I didn't take the risk of boiling it. Just scrapped out as much resin as I could with a sharp-tipped kife. Then I constantly rinsed and blew out the resin from the pipe and collected it in a coffee filter.

    After that just let it dry and continued to rinse. Collected the resin and was smoking in 10 minutes time.
  7. You scrape the bowl before. Then you put it in a bag of rubbing alcohol and sea salt. That works best.

  8. Way to go! :smoke:
  9. Has isopropyl alcohol and salt fallen out of fashion?

  10. Too many people are worried about collecting their resin these days. IMHO, I'd rather have a clean piece than worry about that one extra (albeit, shitty & dull) high from the resin. I try to keep my pieces clean as possible. There's nothing better than a fat rip out of a newly cleaned bowl and iso+salt is the only way to achieve this efficiently.

  11. scrape the resin off of the pipe with a paper clip unfolded and then boil it that way you can still smoke the resin and get you pipe really clean\

    at least that is what i do when i clean my glass bowl and glass slides
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    Id have to say use isoprpyl alcohol 91%+. fill it half way up. plug the carb and bowl with one hand (finger over each hole)and plug the mouthpiece hole with the other hand. Procceed to shake the shit out of it for a while and pour it out. THen repeat with a fresh isopryl alcohol to get the rest out. (no need to let it sit this way) Set out a heat gun or hair dryer far enough way so its not burning the liquid up. ( put your hand over the liquid to test if it burns your hand) The shit will be dry in 15 minutes and ready to smoke. Whats faster than that? I wouldnt mess with the water boiling becuz of the risk and i dont see it doing a better or faster job. The isopropyl will all evaporate so it will be fine to ingest. Most people use this method bro. So there must be a good reason for it. Sry if im not answering your question but i just want to help.

  13. Its just that the price of herbs is always going up and its pretty rediculously priced. People just want to get the most out of it. Just like when you empty a tomatoe sauce jar. There is the option of putting a dash of water in and shaking it to collect the sauce that is stuck on the side. Sure it might dilute the taste of the sauce but your still getting sauce out of it and getting more for your money. Thats why some people do it. me included. If i was rich i sure as fuck wouldnt bother though
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    Not trying to demean you or anyone else on this forum, but I'm nowhere near rich (nor am I poor, but both of my parents are public school teachers) and the thought of shaking some water in a jar of sauce has never crossed my mind. If I don't have anymore sauce then I'm either not having spaghetti that night or I'm making a trip down to the store to spend $4 on another jar.

    It's always been my philosophy(?) that if you can't afford to smoke, it's time to find a new/another job or cut back on your smoking. I went through my period where I was "desperate" for smoking and scraped my pieces to get the tiniest bits of resin. The high is never that good and looking back it seems kind of foolish to me. I don't "need" to smoke anymore like I did then, and if I'm out, then like the sauce, I'm either not smoking that night or I'm buying a new sack.

    With that said, I really don't care if any of you smoke resin. To each their own and there's no "right" way to be a stoner. Blaze on, resin or not :smoke:
  15. Ive been there too and have the same philosophy. I can see the same view clearly. Still there are always going to be newer tokers that learn and they will learn like we did.
    On a side note, i think im becoming a SpaghettisauceHead:mad:
  16. I have no idea if someone above me already said this because I don't wanna read all of the people's posts but you CAN soak yer piece in a bag of ISO and then in the morning pour the resin filled alcohol in a pyrex dish and evaporate the alcohol away.

    If you choose to do this make sure if you are cooking it off, use electric heat or else you run a risk of the ISO catching on fire, burning down yer house along with all yer resin.

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