BOGO Tiresias Mist knock off... WORKS

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    Well thought I would share my experience with this generic Tiresias Mist spray I found. I Got 110 feminized seeds so far from one branch (OG Kush).

    Bottom line is if you are like me and do not need gallons of CS then this stuff is a good alternative to making your own or even the more expensive Tiresias Mist.

    And for those who don't know Tiresias Mist is basically a CS solution at high ppm.And is used to get female seeds.
    As for the germ rate I haven't tried popping them yet as there drying for a few weeks. But one did manage to germ inside the growing bud so take that as you will. RC0.H0.XCompare+to+Tiresias+Mist+Feminized&_sacat= 0&_nkw=Compare+to+Tiresias+Mist+Feminized
  2. No, that isn't how cs works. You spray it on a branch of a female plant and it causes the plant to create male flowers. You collect the pollen from those male flowers and use it to pollinate a branch or whatever you want on a separate female. Since both the pollen and buds come from female plants the resulting seeds are feminized.

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