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  1. what's up, anyone here ever have any experience growing BOG strains? I just ordered bogbubble so if anyone has any insight on best ways to grow it, how it yields, etc. please let me know.
  2. Where the hell you get some BOG?!?! lol
  3. You're in luck. I've Bog Bubble in my perpetual grow now for over a yr. She is heat sensative. Also heavy P in 3-4th week budding. 55 days under 1k hps lights to amber. Med to sm plant. Ok yeild, but it's golf balls. And Soooo sweet w/good buzz w/amber trics.

    Have fun. I'm soil. Self mix. Cha ching all the way w/extra epson during 3rd week of budding.

  4. thanks for the advice, and you can get them at bc bud depot. go to plan b/bog

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