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  1. Anyone happen to know what forum "Bushy old grower" is on now? He was one of the top OG members but i dont know where he went....
  2. good question...I am looking for him on here as well....anyone seen him?
  3. If hes on here, Hes under a different name.
  4. Perhaps hes here on GC under another alias..

    The only one I can see that MAY be him would be Postman...

    Amazing buds!
  5. not too sure what happened to him either
    his strains of seeds used to always be up for auction on seedbay, but he no longer has any items up either
  6. After him and gypsy got into a big fight over counterfiet seeds he just went underground. I think he got sick of his business being aired over the internet for strangers to read. I remember a few months or maybe even a year back he joined a seed producing collective and started producing his same strains but under a different company name. I forgot what it was called but Ill post it once I remember.
  7. the companies name is plan b or somethin like that, i've always wanted sour bubble bx3 seeds, a lot :smoking:
  8. damn...I have some bogglegum going right now...I guess I should hope for a male as well...I also heard he stopped breeding and has kept himself on the DL. Oh well, was kinda hoping I could get some advice from him on his strains, since info on them is so hard to find...

    thanks guys
  9. the last place i saw bog post at was a place called "hip forums." every trace of him is gone from there now. that was a few months ago. he has moved and stopped breeding seeds for sale. i only know of one place to get his gens and it's no easy task. you have to be a forum member with a medical reason for needing herb. they're pricey but still cheaper than most brand name beans. i'm thinking of getting some bogglegum. it's still pretty reasonably priced.
  10. looked online a little bit, and yeah, his seeds can still be found under plan b collective but are in limited supplies just till they run out with a steep price increase

    his seeds used to be like 50-65 for a 10 pack now their 100 a 10 pack but they can be found at bc bud depot
    i think its allowed to say seedbanks on here without posting a link, but if its not, just let me know and i will remove the name or if a mod could please remove it if its not allowed

  11. I would love to get some advice from him as well. I used to talk with him at OG and really miss the old buzzard. I currently have some Bogglegum and LSD of his going..

    The LSD is looking really awesome , green and mean, both mother plant options have shown female preflowers. Hooray ! :hello:

    I have 5 Bogglegums going too but I have a strange worry that they are ALL male. Guess I should collect pollen, since I don't have many seeds left. Anyone need any?(pollen that is)

    My three strawberry cough mothers are also kicking ass.

    I'll be taking clones from these mothers in about 3 or 4 days. Wish me luck!

    BOG you out there ??? Contact me bro, I need you!

    You'll be good,

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