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bobby brown

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cigga-dro, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. last night i bought an eighth of some weed, it was dark green, stemy, seedy, and didnt smell or taste great, but it got me retardedly high. i consider myself a pretty seasoned toker, and all the people i smoked with were retarded too. the kid i got it from got a half pound for 400, and has made all his money back and has 5 ounces left. hes a really good friend of mine, and i think im gonna buy a really cheap ass half of it, 50 bucks at most for 18 grams. what do u guys think? and have u ever had weed like this? its some bobby brown haha
  2. $800lb. regs/mids/poop
  3. I've had some of this bud before. :eek:

    It's the delicious Brown Frown strain, only grown in the most sketchiest of trailer parks and Mexican huts south of the border.

    Go for it, if it gets the job done then keep toking that shit :smoking:
  4. Fifty for 18 grams of regs? It's a shame, I get a half of regs for thirty bucks.. 400 for 8 ounces.. That means he's payin fifty bucks an ounce. Which is about what I pay, not in bulk.

    I'd say tell him to lower it to 30 a half or just smack him.
  5. i can get me a qp of some kinebud for bout $250...but dude who has it is my blood cuzzo


    who cares how much you pay for whatever, if its a good deal to him then let it be, besides everyone knows weed prices(ESPECIALLY REGS) vary from state/city...
  7. 90 a QP for mids here in texas, boys.
  8. Hells yeah thats the avg price in dallas, for me around here where you located sauce?
  9. its obvious no one can be nice... everyone just has to throw their cheaper prices around

    i dont beleive he asked "HEY FUCKWADS WHAT DO YOU PAY FOR BROWN WEED?"

    every pickup thread just has other assholes telling you how much cheaper they get it for, and i dont care, nor do i think the majority of the city cares, (esp when your pretty much bashing others cause you get it cheaper in your area)
  10. brown weed is not worth it no matter how sure it will get you high tho, if its all thats around or the best deal you can get go for it.
  11. And remember everyone... the less you pay for weed the bigger your penis is!

    god damn people... I don't mean to be an ass, but you all asked for it... shut the fuck up already. You are contributing nothing but arrogant shit to this thread. If you think you are "cool" or better than someone just because you pay less for weed, no matter the quality, you need to grow the fuck up and you don't deserve to be smoking the fine, beautiful mary jane.

    Show some respect around here, and make this community a better place, not some place for immature stoners to come and step on others.

    Now to the topic:
    I actually just had some weed like that recently... a friend of mine who had just started smoking called me up and asked if i could roll a blunt for him because he didn't know how. I said sure, and headed over. He had some pretty... well to sugarcoat it, it was regs. I rolled the blunt and he asked if I wanted to smoke. I didn't expect to get high or anything, but I enjoy the social aspect of smoking with friends, so I agreed, and lit the blunt.

    After that blunt... i was high as hell. Nothing crazy, but I was regardless very suprised.

    I'm glad you found some bud that gets you crazy ripped, enjoy :hello:
  12. yea in my years of smokin ive never come across bud that was brown and good at the same time...

  13. guess your not lucky :rolleyes:
  14. Hey, good bud is good bud.....and if it gets you high its great just do what you do, if you feel its a good investment, then by all means get that shit!!!!!!
  15. word i say get that half of mids and roll some fat ass blunts with it! man you guys got some redic prices down there its fucking 100 for an Oz of mids and anywhere from 270-400 an Oz for beasters(no real headies around here) in MN. PLUS the half of the state has been dry for like a month!!:mad:
  16. whoever said $90 for a QP in TEXAS, is gettin some SCHWAAAAAAAAAAAG.

    you really might want to check those bags for straight dirt/dirt clods

    90/4=less than $25 an ounce

    i guess im tryin to say i DEFFINATELY wouldnt smoke that.

  17. im actually very lucky:rolleyes:
    :smoking: it seems your unlucky or uneducated if your smokin the brown pretendo!
  18. heres some shit i would expect for 90 a qp.

    Attached Files:

  19. That's...nasty.
  20. i once had some little round popcorn nugz, sticky spongey dank. 'twas brown coloured. tasted good 2. no stems no seeds. that's bobby brown.

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