Bob Marely

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  1. Bob Marley inspired Bradley Nowell who inspired Slightly Stoopid, Longbeach Dub Allstars, LongBeach Shortbus, Burn Unit and countless other bands.
  2. Bob has inspired countless people and musicians. And don't forget that it was Bob who brought reggae to the mainstream.
  3. jah life baby....

    everyone has a place in thier hearts for bob.... he's a musical god.
  4. toots and the maytals brought reggae to the mainstream but were quickly overshadowed by bob marley. im not saying they are better, though. bob's the man. if you guys like sublime, check out the expendables. they are a pretty cool band. they are reggae-rock kind of like sublime and slightly stoopid, but they are a little more talented than slightly stoopid.
  5. bob marley is the best. nuff said
  6. "by and by
    jah shows every man him hand,
    and jah has show I mine."
    bob marley

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