Bob Dylan

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  1. truely just an amazing artist..probably my favorite aside from Lou Reed in terms of ability, lyrics, and the amount of material he put out. his live performances were great and it annoys me that a really talented unique artist hasnt come out in too long. hopefully he comes back to SPAC next year cause ive missed him the last 2 years and since hes getting older i know he wont be touring much longer. its depressing in a way, hopefully Dylan and the other greats from the 60's wont be forgotten. Anyone else a fan?..favorite album, favorite song w.e...
    favorite albums prob the Freewheelin Bob Dylan
    favorite songs prob Corrina Corrina, I Shall be Free, or Dont think twice, its Allright.
  2. absolutely a fan - I like the Infidels record alot don't know my favorite tunes way too many
  3. Righteous, yeah man.

    I really have to be in the mood though. Bob Dylan is one of those artists that can make a moment feel 10 times better when you got his record playing, but it has to be the right atmosphere.
  4. More of a poet than anything really. But still, he is one of the best.
  5. Fuck yeah man, Dylan is one of the all-time greats. Great night driving and road trip music. My dad saw a couple of his concerts, he said they were amazing. I have a lot of favorite songs of his, but Highway 61 Revisited always has me lighting up.
  6. Dylan, is by far my favorite artist without a single doubt. the minute i tried him out the needle struck on side one of his greatest hits playing rainyday woman #12 and #35 and instantly i knew i would love his work, plus the album came with an incredibly awesome poster
    I recommend reading Chronicles v1 if you havent already.

    currently listening to: She Belongs to Me

  7. true true true

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