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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by eldervech, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Why so much people hate blunts? Is it because there is tobacco in the papers?
  2. It's because its the easiest way to waste a gram possible.
  3. Yeh but weed doesn't cost much cash and ain't it good for party? I mean big groups?
  4. they use a lot of weed, hurt your throat and cost a lot.
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    Weed gets expensive once you start smoking regularly, but if you want to smoke everyone out it's your call.
  6. Well i smoke everyday and it cost me about 20-30$ per 2-3 weeks
    But yeah thanks for the answers guys!
  7. I smoke a blunt in a 3-5 man groups. 2 man group its a joint, by myself its my bong, and with large amounts I have a gravity bong made out of a water cooler jug that I use in my pool :smoking: It gets the job done. But if not that, then we just pass a couple bongs and a few Js around.
  8. It's either the tobacco or they are a wiz khalifa fan. Paper planes yo :laughing:

    If you don't mind the tobacco and using a little more bud than you would with a bowl blunts are great in my book.
  9. Oh that's cool! Well here, i went to a bong store in my city and bought a deadshot/Bong for 25$ and it hits kinda hard for the price!
  10. I only smoke blunts when I pick up fat sacks of christmas regs.
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    How much weed do you get for $30? Even if you pay $5/g for mids like I do you might get like 8-9 with a hookup. How much do you smoke a day? A bowl?

    Edit: sorry if I'm sounding like a dick, I'm tired
  12. How much grams fill into a blunt? 4-6? and how are the effects of blunts? more like a bong or a joint?
  13. #13 eldervech, Aug 11, 2011
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    2-3 bowls per days and i buy ounce for 65$
  14. The amount you can roll and pass is better than packing bowl after bowl but overall pipes are better for 1 or 2 friends but blunts can get passed to as many people as you can get on it depending on how many grams the blunt is. You can only stack a bowl so high but you can roll it as big as you want.
  15. I like 'em when I don't have to pay for the weed ;)
  16. Hehe yeh i think i get it. Unless you have tons of weed don't waste your weed in a blunt :p
  17. Oh well thanks for everyone for answering this topic!
  18. We did this yesterday get on board
  19. I really dont smoke blunts like i did as a kid...or smoke at all for that matter *insertvapesmiley* When i was a kid we smoked blunts because we almost always smoked in groups and we were taken in by the hip hop fads of the day. Thats not to say we didnt smoke bowls or bongs if the oppertunity came up. I did have some friends that just hated to smoke anything other then blunts.....these were the friends that didnt know anything about cannabis pass getting "fucked up".

    Had one mexibuddy who loved to smoke blunts and was all aobt getting fucked up even tho he was a lightwieght. I started makin homemade bongs for our circle for a bit and he wanted to hop on that train so he made his own. Took a socket i gave him and attached it to a small pen. He didnt understand that the downstem had to actually be in the water to do anything though and all it was really was a large bowl.

    Back on subject people don't like blunts because:

    1. You have to replace them to often
    2. tobacco
    3. amount needed
    4. Sucking at rolling
    5. Being a hipster who refuses to hit anything other then a joint.
  20. I like blunts for special occasions since they use alot of weed and they have tobacco which I try to stay away from. But sometimes I can't resist and i just roll up some blunts on normal days since I love them so much

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