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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bigtg, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. im about to smoke a blunt to the face and havent smoked in a week...

    i usually smoke everyday but i went on a vacation to boyne highlands (michigan ski resort) with my family

    im about to be blazed :smoking:

    just thought id share :p
  2. have fun! I'm blowin a phillie down right now:hello:
  3. I'm sorry.

    Unless you enjoy smoking a stick of sugar.

    Swishers all the way.
  4. Haha man I wish I had a blunt right now. Too lazy to go to a gas station and I don't really want to smoke that much to myself right now. So I'm just gonna smoke a joint or two instead.
  5. I smoke em all. i just use philles as they are the most abundant. i like keep movin the best but very hard to find fresh and i hate playin repairman. and joints are the shit aint no shame blow dem thangs
  6. ah don't even do it, i'v done it and it just rockets your tolerence.. and you get pretty high.. but hit like 1 bowl and yu'll feel almost as high and wont have a rediculous tolerence..
    I always make that mistake
  7. ^^ is that true? im in almost the exact same situation
  8. i dont think so. it depends on you.

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