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  1. Whats the big difference between normal flavoured or normal blunt wraps, and dutchie blunts? why do people prefer dutchies? I can honestly say that I have never had a dutchie blunt purely because I can get any blunt wrap I want for $1 so I dont bother. Can anyone enlighten me as to why people generally prefer dutchies? Cheers.
  2. cuz they burn slow. i just buy grape swishers since those are freshest in my town
  3. The blunt wraps I get burn slow as hell... I get juicy J's mostly but I dunno. Still Its one of them things Im gunna have to try. But its just not a big thing here in England so I guess thats why I havnt. Still tho...
  4. A blunt by my definition is a cigar that has been split/cut, had all the tobacco removed, and has been rerolled with bud in it. Blunt wraps seem to burn faster and tent to rip easier from my experience. They're also thicker and the smoker is harsher then from a dutchie which is thinner and has a lighter taste to it.
  5. garcia y vega greens for the slowest burn, swishers for taste/standard, and dutchies cuz its a classic..

    wraps just don't do it sometimes. no hate though i enojoy some wraps.
  6. Fair enough sounds like Im gunna have to try a dutchie. Can you Just use cigarellos? or does it have to be propper cigars?
  7. you can use cigarillos. thats what i usually use.
  8. Sweet well u can get a pack of 5 cigarrellos for like £2.50 so worth a try. Are they hard to roll?
    I like blunt wraps because I can roll fat-ass blunts easily.

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