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  1. So ive got a question. I f*$king suck at rolling. I usually buy raw cones and just stuff them it works great. I bought blunt wraps the other day and tried rolling them but it didnt turn out well. If i stuff a cone and then wrap the blunt wrap around the joint do you think itd burn ok? Thanks
  2. What's up buddy, I've got a simple solution for you. Since you want to smoke blunts, go to your LHS and look for a blunt roller. They're bigger than the joint rollers made just to roll blunt wraps. I had one years ago because I couldn't roll worth a shit. You'll be rolling and smoking in no time.

    I didn't want you to be that guy walking around with a funny looking blunt.

    Cheers d00d

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  3. Just keep practicing, you want it tight enough it burns even and slow. It might end up loose that way.

    Goodluck Matthew.
  4. [​IMG]

    Practice makes perfect, 2 grams in there.
  5. yeah if you like choking on cone wrap and blunt paper......

    Try a pipe or bong. You cant suck at loading those.
  6. Just spend $10 on a half pound of tobacco and practice. Or just reroll the tobacco (half of it) in the wraps for practice. Who cares if you mess up with tobacco. Shouldn't take you more than an hr to get the knack for it, and there's a lot less stress when you aren't potentially losing valuable product.
  7. One of the easiest things is to get a blunt splitter they like 50 cents or just use a knife and make sure you get a smooth straight cut when you split it makes rolling a hell of a lot easier then just trying to tear it apart

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