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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Trillstoner420, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. Why do people use the Philly or Dutch blunts with the tobacco inside when there are blunt wraps made. I'm very curious can someone tell me?
  2. Cuz blunt wraps taste nastier/faker than dutches and swishers

  3. This and its more fun to break the blunt down and all that shit
  4. You guys say the wraps taste nastier but what about the flavoured blunt wraps like blue ju ju m, vanilla and so on
  5. No... Dutches and Games all day erry day bro hahaha.

    But seriously, I've had wraps and and dutches and games and many others, and found Games and Dutches the best.
  6. Im bout everything. But dutch masters and swishers till i die

  7. [quote name='"Trillstoner420"']

    You guys say the wraps taste nastier but what about the flavoured blunt wraps like blue ju ju m, vanilla and so on[/quote]

    Wraps just taste artificial to me.the bud flavor comes through better with dutches than wraps.i personally dont like blunts tho.theyre kind of nasty and mess the up the dank flavor
  8. because they use real tobacco leaf, blunt wraps are full of chemicals and are not tobacco leaf
  9. Ain't no bullshit, ZigZag Straight-Up is a good blunt, no taste really imo.

  10. Its also personal preference bruh bruh, just try out all the different kinds and stick with what u like
  11. Zig Zag wraps taste great imo I like rolling them better.
  12. Definitely dude, 2 pack wraps gets me 4 blunts.
  13. Good point
  14. Seriously are wraps full of chemicals.

    But you said tobacco leaf in the dutches isn't that cancer
  15. Aiiight
  16. Yeah rolling them is better. They are nice fresh and moist out the package

  17. Right.
    They are not tobacco leaf, BUT they are made from tobacco pulp.
  18. And has anyone tried
    Juicy jay cigarillo cherry vanilla

    I'm really interested in those because of the flav.
  19. Blunt WRAPS ripe so damn easy. They are soft, fragile, harsh and unneeded. I hate when friends bring wraps over a game blunt.

    Game blunts have the nice green leaf. They are durable an can be man handled until they are finished rolling and can be rolled in a variety of ways.
  20. The simple solution is you dry it with a lighter. I dont think using Cigars are actual blunts cause all you do is seal it...imo

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