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Blunts with headies=Waste?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ijok3r1, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Alright so my friend thinks it's a great idea to buy a blunt and then put sour diesel or kush in it, smoke it all at once(maybe save the roach to smoke later), stays high for about an hour maybe hour and a half and says its not a waste. I think its better to just use dro in blunts instead. Who would you say is right?
  2. What's dro?
  3. Hyrdroponically grown Marijuana. Most of the time it's good shit, at least compared to the mids around here =/ I can't wait to move to where actual "strains" are.
  4. Dro is hydroponically grown bud and makes no reference to quality. If your friend has dank he is willing to throw down why not? Its definately going to be a good blunt. I would rather save a bit of cash and use mids but if its not my weed, its not my problem.
  5. First step would be to stop using retarded slang that doesn't make sense. In the context that you're using, headies and dro are meant to be the same thing- however, dro just means it was grown hydroponically, and bud quality cannot be determined just by growing conditions (you have to take into account shipping and handling...)

    ANYWAY, just about every kid in South Jersey smokes blunts, and they all use dank too. If its a good amount in there (about a gram), you can stay high for a long time. I smoked an L yesterday and stopped with about a quarter of it left, and there had to be only .5 in there, it was some good shit.
  6. hef .. i like your sig dude
  7. blunts = mids
    bong = dank

    if you've got a lot of money, or you grow your own, then fuck it... put dank in that blunt. but don't be caught fucking around if you're broke, buying a gram and wasting it in a blunt.
  8. At least in my area dro and headies are the same price.
  9. Not a waste, just less efficient that some other popular smoking ways. Do whatever you like or is best for you though :)

  10. That's cus you a light weight brotha. Everyone's different.
  11. a blunt=waste in my eys. even if i had money i wouldnt be a douche n waste the herb.
  12. only if you po',
  13. Waste of fucking good shit, just use a bong.
  14. God i cringe when i see someone rolling a blunt... bits of herb flying all over the place as they try to roll and and slobber all over the wrap.... :(

    I NEVER say anything though because it's FREE WEED, and neither should you.
  15. lots of blunt hate in this thread :p but seriously though just pack bowls you get the same high from a blunt using .15-.2 per bowl pack opposed to a gram in a blunt..Logic man. I honestly enjoy them every once in a while:love: but i don't enjoy watching $20 burn right before my eyes. =/
  16. I smoked a headies blunt two days ago, me and 2 of my friends each threw down .3 on it so we almost had a gram in it. It was a great blunt, don't get me wrong, but it's not something I do alot. It burns through cash mad quick. Stick to rollin mids blunts.
  17. If a gram or a half gram doesn't get you high most likely it has to do with your tolerance, not him being a 'lightweight'.
  18. Blunts aren't for everyone and are definitely wasteful, but I fucking love them deeply on a personal level. :smoking:
  19. I smoke Tons of blunts, especially when im with a group of people...i just think it brings us all together the whole passing of the dutchie.
  20. i used to hate on blunts before i really got into them (i grew up on joints, glass and vapes). but once i started smoking them often, i couldn't give em up completely. now my favorite way to smoke is out of a palma dutch.

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