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blunts too tight :/

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by skocotic, May 13, 2010.

  1. lately every time i roll a wrap or a cigarello i roll it way too tight
    when i use mini phillies or anything larger i dont really have that problem
    but my wraps and cigarellos barely hit sometimes
    so i have to stick a bobby pin or something through it
    i mean i obviously want to roll them tight but its just too tight
    anyone have any advice or ever have this problem?
  2. I know rolling the rolled blunt between two fingers can loosen the packing, but this could lead to weed spillage out one end so be careful.
  3. I hear you buddy, a lot of the time I am so focused on getting a clean wrap I dont notice Im choking my lady....I'd roll her a few time to loosen her up but just make sure your shake/ buds are airy...that should do it:smoking:
  4. I find getting some rolling tobacco to really really helped my joint/blunt rolling skills I can roll anything from skimps to eighths in anything from shitty papers to biggie smalls sky's the limits. Its all about practice though and changing things till they actually work.
  5. sometimes rolling it just turns it into more of a solid log nug. hahah
    but i know what you mean, it usually helps.

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