Blunts on deck

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  1. Lemme hear how much you guys and girls like smoking a fat blunt every now and again, followed by two or three Newport 100s
  2. .....leave please
  3. trade the 3 newports for 1 marlboro light and its a deal
  4. marlboro lights suck..
  5. you first
  6. I am down with the blunts for life, but get out of here with that newport bullshit.
  7. You gotta love new ports man can't be beat especially by a light cig??
  8. newports??? ghetto much? and blunts are a staple in the weed world. good for smoking crews larger than 3.
  9. Chill , you guys are acting like someone cant have there own opinion.
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    Thats what I'm saying man "free Earl thats the fukin shit, and if you disagree suck a couple pimple covered dicks"
  11. That's how folks here in The Bean do it, but mostly in the ghetto areas like Roxbury,Mattapan, and Dorchester.
  12. its all about the headie blunts on deckkkk

    but marb menthol all dayyy
  13. I'm a big fan of Marlboro special blends. Whatever keeps your dick hard though.

  14. Daily routine :smoke:
  15. Blunts yes but I'm not a fan of newports. Or any menthol cig really :/
  16. trade newports for belmonts
  17. What the fucks a Belmont?
  18. i love blunts...and i love newports...but too much of both of them in one night makes me feel like shit and kills my throat
  19. Change the Newports to a bowl of pipe tobacco and the blunt to a joint and you have one of my favourite ways to spend a half hour.
  20. Mothafuckaz its all about the Camel Wides! Jk I quit smoking cigs.

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