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Blunts, bongs, joints

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Drizzkid, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. I was just wondering what people like to smoke out of the most on here. I usually smoke out of blunts and 1 or 2 will have me rollin! I could smoke out of bongs it seems like I need a lot of weed or I won't feel the high. That's just me though.
  2. I am in favor of bongs since the high seems so much better for me, but a joint once in a while is nice too
  3. Bongs = #1
    blunts are pretty nice for a group or on the go.
    And I like my pipe cause it's just so quick and reliable whenever I need it.
    Oh and vapes are nice too
  4. i like each for it's own trade offs...

    joints - the greatest thing about them is the stash. you can stash those babies almost everywhere. some would argue that you can do similarwise with a blunt, but don't try to argue when you're smoking outside or in the car, you can just shove it somewhere or just throw it out. or from far away it looks like you're just taking some cigs. however they burn faster than blunts, and i don't really like the taste of burning paper(except for a few) so those are my opinions.

    blunts - one of my favorite methods of all time - they're great for on the go or in a group. puff puff pass to the left with a blunt will leave you in a daze. and you can pack in quite a punch, on average i like to punch in at least a gram to make sure i get what i want. but no one can argue that blunts waste a LOT of weed. and it's obvious cuz it's burning constantly. but they're better than joints IMO because it's easier to put out if you wanna save weed and then just toke up again. and also easier to put in resin balls in blunts than joints.

    bongs - ahhh the favorite method by far no challenge accepted. these babies hit so smooth and will leave you wondering why the fuck you even messed around with other things. the biggest trade off however is the portability and the fact that it takes a while to pack each bowl, however you know the saying ' you pay for what you get'? in this case you pay the most for bongs - the price, the risk, the time, basically everything, however in the end you'll be VERY happy with your product. i know i'm REALLL baked when i'm in the mid of packing my bowl and i'm like what the fuck just happend? and i'll look up and i'm just sitting in my bathroom or something and its so bright that i can't even open my eyes and i just toke and go chill out. love bongs can't say that enough.

    i just fucking wrote a novel.. i guess i'm high off some indicas. give me a fucking break
  5. Blunts all the way.
  6. Blunts and joints just waste weed. so bong
  7. a nice big bong, no doubt about it... small pipe for outside smoking or the needed portability.
  8. Blunts, and bongs are my fav.
  9. i love my blunts, but a bong works.
  10. I try to smoke blunts usually the most, but a bong would be second or rolling fat joints if nothing else.. Not a big fan of pipes or vapes or other things really.
  11. Bongs, blunts, vapes, pipes. I like everything
  12. Now that's some shit... I've heard people say bongs waste weed, if you smoke out of a slow burning wrap a blunt can get literally 5 people high as hell.. Imagine if your by yourself.
  13. An yeah I can't lie when I smoke out of a bong it's hard as hell to pack it when I'm already gone, for me i recently been using this bread bag bong I made but threw it away hoping to get a real official one. Just seems like i use up a lot of weed for it.
  14. For me its definitely either a joint or my bubbler. I'm surprised that most of the people on here said bongs and pipes but no bubblers? I for one LOVE my bubbler and I will smoke only out of that or if I roll a joint. Keep on smoking :smoking:

    By the way here is my bubbler :hello:
  15. haha IMO bubblers are kind of a mix between pipe and bong and i feel like if you're going to smoke one, either smoke a pipe or a bong, not something in between.
  16. Never even seen somethin like that! xD Looks sweet though

    AN it seems like people rather smoke out of papers then blunts. If I could find a slow burning paper that doesn't taste like burnt paper when you smoke it, then I'd be smoking papers. lol
  17. Once u go bongs u never go back
  18. Blunts cuz it has different flavors and they last along time
  19. A 5" granite hand-pipe, and I love it! I wouldn't turn down a joint, though even the idea of blunts makes me queasy.
    Wifey's buying me a bong for Christmas! :)

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