Blunt wraps back

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  1. man... do I miss smokin on a sweet blunt
    they've been very hard to find since summer 2010...
    well here's a video about blunts...
    they comin back...:cool:

    ** sigh they aren't really but here's a funny video


  2. I smoked blunts on a daily basis and the government has pulled them off the shelves of every store I used to get them from... does anyone know where it is possible to find any ?
  3. wtf? where you from man theres TONS of wraps at every gas station/liquor store and headshop aronud here

  4. Well, I don't know. I'm taking a wild guess here, maybe Montreal. Protip: read his location. Assuming you're from the USA, that would explain the discrepancy.
  5. That vid was pretty funny.

    Did they only take wraps, or cigars too? Cause there's other ways to roll a blunt than wraps.. :confused:
  6. They have been banned from Canada, but as luck would have it I visited Maine yesterday and found some Royal Blunts. They were my faves !! :hello::D:smoking:
    I also found out that blunt skins were removed from Canadian shelves but not flavored papers, however in the US, blunts survived but flavored papers were pulled... weird... anyways, yes I know you could buy a cigar and add your own bud to it but I prefer the sweet smooth taste of a nice blunt wrap... :p:rolleyes::cool:
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    Canada banned blunt wraps, I don't think only wraps but all flavored tobacco products, I'm not sure though.
  8. I used to smoke Backwoods all day hahah... I quit blunts recently tho. Only fuck with these now

    Don't be a fucking dick man.
  9. Idk if it's just me but blunt wraps give me slight heart burn for some reason :/
  10. ahahaha, i just went to jamaica. got a fuck ton bluntwraps. i brought " BLUNT WRAPS BACK" TO Canada!
  11. HAHAHA You sir are a very funny man, thank you :) :hello:

    vid got 2099 views , thank you so much

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