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  1. Hey guys, I'm David from California and I've been smoking a few times daily for the past two years roughly - about 80% of my smoke sessions have been blunts. I've found I love some, and hate others, so here goes nothing.

    Swisher: Where I live this is THE standard of blunt rolling. Swishers are sold at every single little gas station, and very reliable. I've only ever received a few dry and shitty ones in my life, and I have bought -alot- of swishers. Grape is my preferred flavor, as it leaves a delicious little fruity taste on your lips. (strawberry/peach taste just like the regulars)

    Optimo: This is my favorite blunt, peach specifically. I have never, in my life, gotten a bad peach optimo in either a box, or in singles. They roll easily, they burn slowly, and hit way less harsh then most blunts. If you are new to blunt rolling, I highly recomend you give peach optimo a shot.

    Blunt wraps: I'm grouping all blunt wraps in the same catagory for one reason - I dislike them all. I know they are huge and can fit an 1/8th no problem. You dont have to slice open a cigarello, which makes them real easy to roll. My problem with them is that they are so damn soft. I am morally against rolling blunts with crutches - I find it ruins the experience. However blunt wraps are so bloody soft at the end, no matter how long you spend crisping the mouth piece of the blunt, it still goes soft on you after just a few hits. I also dislike heavy flavoring in my blunts (swishers and optimos are next to impossible to taste) and bluntwraps are just loaded with weird chemicles that flavor it.

    Backwoods: Backwoods are the granddaddy of ghetto blunts. If you dont know what they are, they are blunts that are rolled with a heavy tobacco leaf on the outside and more tobacco in the middle. To roll them you dont slice it open and roll, you need to unpeel the leaf slowly, scrape the tobacco out, repack your ganja inside, and roll it back up. I like backwoods in the sense that it is something different - it breaks the regular monotony of rolling/smoking, but if you are not comfortable with a HEAVY tobacco buzz (which I am not) then these are not for you. Unless you smoke tobacco regularly, you will get extremely lightheaded and dizzy from a backwoods blunt.

    Garcia y vega: These things are legit. They are like a swisher, except on the outside instead of the brown tobacco material there is a green tobacco leaf wrapped around it. As amazing as they smoke, I've had a few problems with them. The first ever Garcia y Vega I bought was a box, and every single blunt inside was hard as a rock (not exagerating, it literally felt like a rock). To roll these I planned on unwrapping the green tobacco leaf, rolling it like a swisher, then wrapping it back up in the leaf. What I did was boiled some water, and then let the blunt sit on a grate with was ontop of the boiling water. After about 20 minutes of letting my blunt soften up in the steam, it was back to normal. Nice and soft, it was easy to unpeel the leaf and roll as usual. this blunt hit and tasted AMAZINGLY. If Garcia y Vega's were a more reliable blunt, I would get them every time granted and I have a bit of time to roll it (takes longer then a swisher no doubt)

    White Owl: Sadly they dont sell white owls anywhere near me - if you have a little review on them it would be greatly appretiated...I've only heard good things.

    Dutch Master: The classic in blunt rolling I know, yet sadly I've never had one. Review would be greatly appretiated

    If you know any other great blunts to try please tell me! My experience is rather limited to the blunts I posted.
  2. white owl = fail
  3. Grape Dutchmasters all day erry day.
  4. Dutches are pretty much like the Garcia Vegas where you peel off the outside leaf and rewrap it afterwards. Most have brown outerleaves but some have green. Then there's also the Game, which is similar to a Dutch except it's a bit longer. The Green Game has a thick outerleaf compared to a Dutch.
  5. solid review... i am too a swisher man... bi fan of straberry and grapes!

    +rep for solid reviews and first post
  6. Nice review man. 95% of the trees I blow are in blunts. I love grape and peach swishers, all I ever use. And personally I hate the backwood, it gets me so goddamn lightheaded and nauseous. Then again I dont smoke cigarettes so that's why
  7. never had anything but a dutchmaster. i am hoping to try out a swisher one of these days.
    but you cant go wrong with a nice grape dutch.
  8. White Owls arepretty nice. The flavoring is different on them. Instead of it just staying on your lips, the flavor coats the back of your throat as you smoke, which is pretty cool. I had a strawberry one and it was delicious.

    I'm more of a swisherman myself because they are already perfect blunt size. Grape FTW.
  9. This review is close....BUT...No cigar :D
  10. Thanks for the feedback everyone - I'm curious to try a flavored white owl.

    My buddies and I are rolling a 1/2 ounce blunt in about a week (4 guys each pitching in 35$). Were going to use some cheapass cigar, so I'll let you all know how that is compared to the classics.

    Fun Idea - If your looking to blaze but dont have/want the bud for a full blunt I have a sugestion! Slice your swisher open then cut the blunt in half (so its roughly the length of a solid joint). Roll up the ganja nice and easy and you now have a miniblunt! They burn slow and hit like a blunt (duh). Its a great way to get a little buzz on. Instead of hitting a blunt with a buddy, try each having personal miniblunts, its very pleasurable.
  11. That seems like a waste to out that much in one blunt, but whatever, to each his own. I'd rather use good blunts instead of crappy ones, cause that might ruin everything if the blunt itself tastes like asscrack.
  12. yea I've heard that alot - if you take a money to high ratio it is true, rolling a half ounce blunt is a horrible use of your weed in the sense that you dont get as high as you could.

    But I'd like to think that there is a bit more to smoking then getting high - I'm headed back to Colorado for school soon, and I think it would be a great goodbye session with my buddies.

    Plus it will be good times, and isn't that what all this is about?
  13. who said you have to use a crutch in a royal (or any other wrap)
  14. Read on good sir.

    I find that if you don't use a crutch in a wrap the mouth piece closes up due to wraps being much softer then a standard cigarillo

    If you have a tip on how to keep them solid please share
  15. more reefer in the mouthpiece..

  16. I think you failed to express what a waste that really is.... allow me to assist.

    You could get almost that high 14 times, or higher than that 7 times, if you smoked out of a bowl instead of a fuckin half o blunt.
  17. You need to try Cyclone blunt cones. They have a mild flavoring and usually can be packed very well without going soft.
  18. grape swisher, everytime, basically.
  19. I smoke Bluntwraps on the reg more weed and Taste better

  20. High five man.

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