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Blunt vs. gravity bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dmac103, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. I've got about .6 - .7 left of some dank and I just found out I'm gonna be smokin it by myself tonight. I'm tryin to decide whether to smoke a blunt of it or just smoke it out of a grav bong..
  2. If you plan to smoke it all no matter what, blunt.
  3. Gbong all the way dude...

    Facing a blunt is great and all but come on...
    Blunt vs Gbong?
    No contest in my opinion..
  4. Get a normal bong and rip that shit, bro.:bongin:
  5. You can roll a blunt with .7 grams of weed?

    Teach me your secrets.
  6. :bongin:Be a boss and smoke a BLUNT
  7. I love blunts n all but rip that shit through a gbong. Either way you'll be high as fuck
  8. Gravity. Get more bang for your buck
  9. uhh yeah you just cut the wrap or cigar in half length wise and roll a skimp tight blunt it'll burn for a while and get you ripped.

    I say blunt I love sittin back outside blazing a blunt by myself
  10. I just realized I forgot to make a poll for it, oh well.

  11. Word. I love fat blunts, but you can face a nice skimp blunt of some dank and still get pretty stoned. I don't see the need to roll over a gram in a blunt when as little as a .5 - .7 blunt of dank gets you pretty much just as high.

  12. Damn that eye in your avatar is redder than the devils dick breh
  13. Blunts are awesome. But cmon man, g bong all the way with onlya little weed
  14. [quote name='"Puff Grass"']

    Damn that eye in your avatar is redder than the devils dick breh[/quote]

    Hey man quit fucking selling me snicklefritz !!!

  15. :eek:
  16. Gbong all the way! Hands down.
  17. G bong. You only have ~ .7 left.

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