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blunt vs. bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bitch I'm In It, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. which do you think gets you higher?
  2. bong

    when the blunt burns, some of the bud gets wasted because your holding it

    bong gets me WAYYY higher
  3. bong for sure
  4. Bong...but I love me some blunts.
  5. Bong. It's less harsh, and you can get much larger hits.
  6. Bongs for sure. They just get me mad high. I never smoke blunts when I have some dank. I find that its a waste.
  7. Bongs get me ripped out of my mind.
  8. Not this thread again
  9. ughhhh............i hate ppl who dont research shit man.......i mean i know this is the apprentice section but comon......stop with the absolute retarted and obvioius question....put some type of effort into finding shit out before posting....psshh damn man........bong....much higher....much much higher than a blunt.....
  10. Fucking bongs man. Get you higher than fuck.
  11. This. I actually just last night rolled up a blunt and then sat there looking back and fourth between the blunt and my bong, trying to decide which I'd rather smoke. Ended up smoking the blunt to the face, but I almost always choose my bong.

  12. Due to these problems we are also experiencing some issues with the search functionality. During this time, the search is disabled.

    And yeah, bongs for sure.

  13. Because with search disabled that surely means you can't go down three threads and see eight of the same ones.
  14. Bong gets you higher, but i smoke blunts all day i just love the whole process, splitting the cigar filling it with bud rollin up and takin flight
  15. Bong, all of the time. I only smoke joints/blunts on special occasions. Way too wasteful.
  16. depends on the type of bong and how well the blunt is rolled. If its a RooR or a perfectly rolled mango blunt, i'd have to go with the blunt. I'd get the blunt to last about 20mintues and i'd be comatose.
  17. Bongs... I may have ten blunts a year at the most and I never use my own bud. A bong gets you higher and with the 1.5g you put in a blunt the .8 on a bong will fuck you up
  18. blunt bong that gets you the highest put the blunt in the bong and off u go
  19. Haha, same thought here man. Bongs are more efficient than blunts, but that doesn't make them better. It's simply a matter of preference, to each their own.

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