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blunt tulip

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by trublunt975, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. ive rolled some tulips
    but i think sometime im gonna try a blunt version instead of j's
    i think its possible and it would look like a nice chicolate tulip.

    tell me what you think
  2. i'd say it's most probably possible! and sounds like a great idea. might have to try that soon too.
  3. is there directions on how to roll a blunt tulip yet?
  4. the same way you would roll a joint tulip.
  5. i was thinkin the same exact thing but i was worried if u packed too much in the tulip that it would be weighed down. But if u pull it off try takin a picture and postin it with some brief directions;)
  6. joint tulip..what?!
  7. never seen a tulip joint?
  8. if i remember right its a joint with a tulip lookin bulb at the end full of weed. i never could figure out how to roll one but i saw some instructions for it on pbnation i think
  9. awesome aidea, I'de bet they'de burn slower or somthin. either way rep+
  10. Dude that be killer, as soon as u make it make sum pix. I gott check that out and maybe try it.
  11. Rep awaits you, if you post some pics..:D

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