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Blunt rolling tutorial

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dr.Banner, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. I know there are tons of these on the web, but not in the apprentice toker's section on grasscity, so here goes.


    • A Pack of Cigars (I love swisher sweets, but i recommend these to either cig smokers or someone who doesn't mind a strong flavor ad semi harsh on your throat, also get a pack to allow room for error if this is your first time)
    • A mix (pot and tobacco or straight pot, for blunts i typically roll straight however for joints or spliffs i roll both)
    • Rolling surface (I only have this in the materials because i recommend rolling on paper on top of a desk)
    • A lighter
    • A pen/pencil
    • A Paper clip
    • An extremely sharp knife (exacto blade, razor blade, pocket knife, whatever works)
    Let's Begin Shall we?

    So first break up your nuggets and make them fine, an electric coffee grinder does the best job i find, however a grinder is good too. If your rolling with tobacco then add it now. Next what you want to do is prepare your rolling surface. Now that the prepwork is done lets get down to rolling.

    Begin with your cigar. Unwrap it and lick it all around if its dry. I personally don't do this for SWISHERS but for other cigars i do. For a swisher just find the seam and follow it to the end, from where it ends, take a blade and from that mark cut in a dead straight line to the other end, do not skin a swisher and do not follow the seam, just cut straight. Now, VERY CAREFULLY empty out the "guts". dispose of them or keep them in a bag, kind of like a track record. If the edges of the blunt start to unravel like mine did, then take your fingers and gently and carefully peel them and lick in between the very edges on both sides and squeeze them together so they will re adhere. With your mix ready dump it into the blunt wrap, and proceed to hold it like a joint and begin to even out, this is best done by patting it with your index finger and then rolling back and forth, dont worry if pieces drop, thats why i suggest white paper, it makes the flakes stand out, while rolling try and tuck the edges and middle into the roll and continue until the blunt rolls up nice and tight, the tighter the better. when you feel you are done, lick across and then seal, dont drown it, but dont try to get skimpy on saliva, once its sealed just lick it up a few times and seal up any mistakes and then proceed to run a lighter under it while rotating the blunt to seal it. insert a roach if you feel necessary, i do, but not always. if you have extra room try putting those little bits back in one end bit by bit using pinches or a playing card and pack them down with the pen/pencil/or paperclip. then roll up a piece of card into a roach and insert it in one end and lick around that end to seal and run the lighter over that side to seal it once again, you can throw it in the fridge, i hear thats great but do at your own risk. now you are done. You can check out what my end product was going here:

    Anyway comments and constructive criticism are welcomed i will post pics as soon as i get around to it

  2. Pics!!!

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