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blunt rolling contest

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by badfish, May 13, 2006.

  1. So since there is a homemade piece contest now, I thought we should start a blunt rolling contest. All entries would have to be videos of some sort in order to see the technique, and not just the finished product. We could rate blunts by various criteria such as rolling speed, niceness of the finished blunt, and technique. We would standardize it so that everyone uses the same amount of bud (like half a gram to a gram) and the same cigar (dutches). Anyone up for this?
  2. That sounds like a very good idea dude, although i can't roll worth shit..maybe a judge?:D
  3. I never have enough weed for a blunt :/

    btw, as I smoke this bowl, im listening to badfish :)
  4. haha this should be good but I have no chance and anyone who cant roll with more than one wrap dosnt either.. Ive seen some big ass blunts on this site.
  5. i dont like the idea. =\
  6. usually contests have prizes? maybe that would start some incentive to join?


  7. People won't join a contest just to roll a blunt that they're going to smoke? lol..if i could roll i would join, not for a prize, for the fact of KNOWING i AM the best roller on the site.
  8. \

    me 2
  9. i can roll a mean blunt, but i wouldnt compete, there is no way to tell what a good blunt is until you smoke it. I dont think this is a good idea.
  10. eh, i was all for it until the video part.
  11. I agree with all that.
  12. true but i think with a video it could capture alot more than pictures, it would be fun but a very hard to determain a clear winner. Besides not everyone would want to roll the same blunt, but its a good thought. I would enter for sure.
  13. great idea, but there just aren't enough people willing to take vids of themselves rollin a blunt. I like the idea though, and would do it, except I broke my left wrist and just can't roll with this hand :)(). Oh well...
  14. this contest would be pointless because we all know that i'm the best roller on the site

  15. lolololol

    it should just be a dutch, and like .7-1.0 of weed.
  16. you think your dragon style can defeat my wu-tang sword? would you like to battle to the death?
  17. Nah, there are and have been plenty of rolling contests on the City with just pictures. Allowing videos is fine, but if you exclude rollers who can't/don't want to post a video from the contest, then you're:

    1 - Possibly keeping some of the best blunt-rollers out of the contest
    2 - Not even going to have a contest, guaranteed. Not enough people will enter.

    Not everyone has a digital video camera. It's hard to post videos online if you've got no clue what you're doing. Not everyone wants to put a video of themselves rolling a blunt on the internet.

    Rolling contests always bring out the best rollers, but making it video-only just isn't gonna work out, the way I see it.
  18. Hell Yeah Lets Do Soooo Down Lets Do It With 1 Gram For The Dutches....those R All I Brother Taught Me B4 He Got Murdered N I Officially Roll The Best Dutch In Any Town Around Here...when You Wanna Do It? LETS JUST DO IT AND ANYBODY THAT WANNA COMPETE CAN JUST ADD THERE VIDEO..MAYBE WE SHOULD INCLUDE THE BURNING TIME TOO CAUSE 45MIN-1 HOUR IS STANDARD FOR MY DUTCHES
  19. Plus rep just for being helpful rather than just saying NO or that this contest won't work....:)

    I do agree though on the video turn in. I believe that a multiple picture contest to show the who blunt from more than one angle would be helpful in determining the best roller.

    The basis for judging should be:
    1. Paper Flaws- how much it resembles a cigar in the eveness and texture of paper

    2. Creativity- making it long and skinny, short and fat, or a medium size. 3.

    3. Blunt Ends- wether herb will fall out or be sucked into your mouth....

    4. Eveness- wether they had even spreadage of buddage and didn't not make and uneven blunt but rather an evenly distributed blunt like a cigar or cigg. is.


    We / Badfish could put the judging perimeters up at the top of the NEW THREAD along with guidlines that would be used for the submitting only of PICTURES from participants.

    Of course whatever I did not think of should be added in the judging perimeters..

    You are right. I think that if you made an exact amount of bud to be used as a control for the contest and a certain brand of cigar.

    My opinion is that the amount be 1.5 and a REGULAR not flavored DUTCH. And you must use the cancer paper and leaf to roll.

    Of course too the participants would be honest in the assumed rules:

    No more than 1.5
    Only regular Dutch cigar with cancer paper and leaf
    Only using the materials from the ONE regular Dutch and not other cigars.
    You the participant were unassisted in the making of the blunt. You only use your hands, mouth, and a sharp object to cut the blunt to empty out bacco.....

    What do you all think?

    Great idea Badfish. plus rep

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