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blunt problems

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lucusz, May 11, 2010.

  1. I am a frequent peice smoker i use my bowl or my bubbler i usually dont cough but if the hit is big enough i might. The other day i was smoking a blunt now this was my first blunt as i usually use a peice i was amazed at how good it tasted and smoked. I wanted another so a week later i went to the gas station and got a grape dutch. i gut it and rolled it with weed i had smoked earlier then i rolled it as best i could which was not very good at all. i excitedly lit it and took a hit as soon as the smallest bit of smoke hit my lungs i began coughing. i tried again and kept coughing i handed it to my friend who also began coughing i tried it once more and continued to cough to the point i thought i was going tho spew
  2. Well theres only way to find out. roll another one of those bitches up and go for it

    just think of it as a good session like when im usually coughing my ass off eh
  3. Sounds like it's too loose, might want to buy a few more dutch's and do some practice rolls to get the hang of it then try again.
  4. Probably because the one you smoked had less tobacco on it since he was probably in experienced roller. I absolutely cannot stand when people dont rip off extra tobacco, i just feel like its not good edicate when smoking with other people. I rip off as much inner leaf as possible, and i also cut the outer leaf in half long ways to take ever more off. If you rip off as much as possible, you wont cough as much.
  5. Aren't there pesky cancer papers on those? Did you not rip it off and light it on the cancer paper end?
  6. is it the same blunt paper you used before? did you take the cancer paper off? did you leave any tobacco in?

  7. Problem solved. #1. Grape dutches are hideous when smokeing them. #2. Why would you roll a blunt with weed you already smoked? Or did you mean you tried a little bit in your pipe..? And also if you cant roll a good blunt your gonna be smokeing a lot of paper which is terrible IMO. The less paper the better. Find a friend that knows how to roll a blunt.

  8. i think he meant that its the same type of weed he smoked in his last blunt. not weed that was already burnt
  9. This.

  10. I meant i have already tried the weed i didnt put ash in my blunt
    Im tryna be the friend that knows how to roll a good blunt, just gonna keep on trying
    ...its ok to fail when your hiiiigh
  11. imo it was too loose or you had a bad paper to weed ratio
  12. Start with white owls man, theyre the easiest to roll. Just take some practice. Once you roll a good one, you'll almost always be rollin good ones after that. Just my expierence. Good luck my man.
  13. it may be from the tobacco cause maybe the first blunt was less potent with nicotine then your second one and if you don't smoke tobacco regularly then that could be the reason why.

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