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Blunt Pics

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by alex_8803, May 27, 2004.

  1. hey everyone, i think we should have a little competition just for fun, see who can roll up the biggest blunt here! or just post pics of some good blunts youve made.
  2. lol does it matta wut kinda weed it is? cuz wit da fire crippy we get we usually role str8 blunts dat r about da size of a black n mild but their tight so they burn for like n hour but if its regs or mids (which we usually dont get) we role them huge like those big ass cigars u c old ppl smokin around but summa is comin up like 2moro? so ill b postin a pic of my fattest blunt sooner or lata
  3. ^^^ example of America's education system. wtf did you say?

    [also reserved]

  4. if you were educated you should be able to dissect that and figure it out ha!
  5. i am known around were i live for rolling fatass blunts. i had a pic of one for the longest time on my comp. that was 5 g's., it was a monster, and its nothing but the dankest bud.

    [reserved for my fatty]
  6. Yea, I should be able to, but I stopped after like the fifth word.

    5 gram blunt? that's it? man.. I've seen about two ounces rolled up in a couple of blunts put together, god almighty, The roach was about the size of a baseball.

    but yea, 5 grams in a blunt if fucking huge.
  7. ^thats a damn good blunt luke even though u didnt roll it...cant roll a blunt for shit, always rips when i do it. i can roll a damn good j tho
  8. the blunt in killhits3 looks really big

  9. i just assumed it was the biggest blunt with a single wrap, ive seen and smoked a couple double wrap blunts, but i prefer single wraps.

  10. That is pretty bad if you cannot read that. I am very ashamed in you young man. Go smoke three blunts of Silver Haze and you tell me how you like to type.

  11. LOL, wtf..........ebonics.......ill never understand it........
  12. hes trying to be gangsta
  13. I am white excuse me if im a pothead and hate typing like this.
  14. LOL, yea dat wuz sum crazy typin yo, I cudnt read dat fo shit... I feel so much cooler after a type dat and wit. Im str8t up gangsta yo, AND im white too, man we da str8t up killa mo fuckas dawg.... yall mo fuckin peeps betta be scared of us, cuz we hard!
  15. it might notta been perfect english but as long as you can understand what hes sayin its all good

    but yeah where are the pics people??

  16. everyones just god [reserved], but no pics!!!

  17. Looks kind of short though. I should have taken the pic of the garsh I smoked last night.
  18. only 2 pics have been posted. that's sad. Here are a couple of pics for ya'll.

    Attached Files:

  19. and here is another.

    Attached Files:

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