Blunt or Bowl??

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  1. i got this grade a shit from my boy an' we're sitting here debating the best way to smoke it.. which one is better to get as blazed as you can off a small amount of good? i also got these rolls an' im debating poppin one with my herb to see what that would be like.. anybody have any experience with that shit? im kinda pussin' out cause that shit's dangerous enough by itself.. plost dont flame me if you think X is stupid.. you should all know by now that all drugs are based entirely on preference.. hopefully there's no one here dumb enough to flame someone about a drug on a drug website.. lol.. anyway, i've only got about 1.75 grams of this shit which is a solid fatty or like 4 bowl loads.. and i got these beans too... help.
  2. If you are going to pop a roll, take it, wait until you're peaking and then smoke a blunt. If you smoke before and then take the pill the weed won't "intensify" your high.

    After smoking the blunt, smoke the roach in your bowl :)
  3. righteous.. i already smoked tho.. but i still wanna pop that roll so im gonna try it anyway.. hopefully you're wrong lmao

  4. I tried it a few weeks ago and even asked people who have done that before what I should do. They all told me to take it, peak, smoke, and wait for it to intensify. Sorry, next time I guess.
  5. Bowl hits fa sho. With bowls, you can control how much you want to smoke instead of forcing yourself to smoke more than what is necessary for you to get high.
  6. yea dude you were right.. im rolling my ass off and when i smoke i can get as blazed as i want to and it will still sort of "dissapate" really quickly (20 mins) sucks man.. but hey that 20 minutes is some sick shit.. deff gonna have to try it your way next time.

    and the bowl worked out great.. we cant even finish it.. (told you it was that grade A lol konflikt dont fuck around with his trees)
  7. if you gotta conversivate, the bowl is the way to go

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